No, a #six-#pack is not a #measure of how #fit you are

sixpackAre the young taking fitness too far? With steroids, fat-burners and supplements becoming staples in the diets of gym-going fitness junkies , and six-packs becoming the ultimate measure of fitness, we ask experts on how truly healthy the trend is. Read on.

Have a healthy diet well-rounded exercise “Many gym trainers push fat-burners and supplements on their clients as they get commissions, and that is their major source of income as otherwise their salaries are low. But recently, two six-pack wielding ‘fitness-enthusiasts’ passed away due to cardiac arrest. So you don’t need fat burners, supplements, protein shakes, and steroids for general fitness. A healthy diet and a well-rounded exercise routine is the key. Six-packs have no functional value, and to get them, you have to go against nature — it is the worst thing you can do to yourself,” says fitness expert Wanitha Ashok, adding that one must not blindly follow actors who need to get six-packs within a given point of time for their projects.


Actor Anish Tejeshwar, who has been admitted twice to the hospital with low platelet count while training to get his six-pack, says, “For a six-pack to show, we have to go without water and salt for 48 hours, and work out at the same time. This affects the digestive system in the long run. So I would say eat well and diet well. If you definitely want your six-pack, go for natural food. The results will take time to show, but it will not compromise your health.” Actor Dhananjaya adds, “Actors need to sport six-packs, but a regular guy doesn’t have to, unless he’s going for a competition. Also, as this is our profession, we can give it the time that is needed, but not everyone can. We go to doctors to know of any underlying conditions, and then start exercising.”


Mr India runner-up Rahul Rajasekharan says, “People are obsessed with looking fitand not being fit and don’t know where to draw the line. We models and actors are also guilty of it. Men and women into fitness need a minimum of 7%-11% and 15%-20% fat percentage respectively for the internal organs to function smoothly. But in our profession, people keep it at 5% for prolonged periods of time, which not only hits us in the long run, but also sends a wrong message.”



Have a balanced diet

Drink lots of water

Do basic exercises, but not for more than one hour

Sleep well

Maintain a minimum fat percentage


Take steroids, fat burners, supplements

Pump too hard

Exercise more than once a day

Cut carbs completely out of your diet

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