#Unusual #hobbies to bring back the #spark in your #relationship

sparkinlifeAre you done with the regular hobby classes for couples? Explore these interesting courses together with your partner as it’s not just about engaging in a new activity, but also helps spend quality time in each other’s company.

Scuba diving

An Olympic-size swimming pool can give you a realistic and safe experience of scuba diving. The water is about six feet deep and you are under the supervision of the trainer who will prepare you before you go deep-sea diving. When you feel you are ready for it, you can take a holiday together to an exotic location known for Scuba diving and enjoy the adventure like a pro. Interestingly, a few couples have not just proposed but also got married underwater; you can get inspired by that too.

Two to Tango

Learning to dance is not new, but when you take up dancing with your partner it becomes an enjoyable pastime. Out of the many dance forms, Tango is said to be a sensual ball room dance, which helps you connect with a partner who takes the lead. With a mix of spontaneous lifts, falls and turns, this dance form is a great activity to indulge in, privately.

Paint together

Many restaurants and cafes in Mumbai have opened their doors to art classes where you can draw, paint and take the end product home, in addition to exploring the cuisine on offer. Taking such a class together is an excellent date idea as you can spend quality time with each other while also having fun. Timeless memories are created when you put those made-with-love paintings on your walls.

Learn magic

Nothing like learning tricks that you can use to surprise your partner. You are sure to find a magician ready to teach you these. You can keep yourself updated with the help of books or online tutorials on magic, to learn more tricks. Together with your partner you can show these to your friends and family, or just get naughty and play pranks on each other when least expected.


Once you complete the course and are skilled at calligraphy, you just have to buy paper and special pens from the nearby stationery or craft stores. Put pen to paper and write letters or greeting cards to each other. You can even leave little notes to each other in wonderful calligraphy script.

Angling and Fishing

Want to feel close to nature when you are with your sweetheart? Try angling. The city has several spots for it — Bandstand in Bandra, behind Raj Bhavan, Malabar Hills, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Madh Island and the Powai Lake. There are angler clubs in Mumbai that teach you the basics of Fishing. You can also travel to places like Neral-Malegaon that offer home-stays and guided tours for a complete Angling experience.

Butterfly Gardening

Gardening can be a fulfilling experience and instead of the regular gardening or terrace gardening, opt for something different this time. If you both like nature, butterfly gardening can be therapeutic, as well as entertaining. There are regular courses on offer at various places in the city or you can also call the trainer home. You just need a bit of open space and even a regular-sized balcony can be used to create a butterfly garden. Keep plants which attract a lot of butterflies and both of you can enjoy the view later.


Want to enhance your home decor, try paper craft as a couple. Origami is a creative and not an expensive indulgence. It can help you both get together to produce beautiful decorations for your home. It is not as difficult as it looks and once you know the tricks, the act of origami is said to calm your mind as well.


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