#Office places that #work and why

officeFrom a minimalistic design to dedicated recreation spaces, fashion firm Bestseller is on a mission to create happiness in the workplace.


“We wanted to create an environment that encourages collaboration, socialisation and general happiness in the workplace. While I do have a designated cabin, every day I find myself working out of different departments.This allows me to know each individual that’s part of the Bestseller family closely. We have a fun work culture here. We wish members of the team on their birthday by sticking notes on their desks or cabins.”

Vineet Gautam, Country Head, Bestseller India


“I love the ONLY showroom, as it gives us the opportunity to look through the entire season’s collection and take necessary decisions. It’s also a great representation of the brand for external visitors and gives us a sense of pride. We are a brand catering to the fashion needs of the youth, and hence, the presence of social media logos.”

Sugam Asani, Brand Head, ONLY India


“The ping-pong and foosball table, library and open kitchen, ensure impromptu happy hours. According to me, this is what drives creativity. I appreciate this freedom as it is also integral to our brand’s philosophy. It just feels like a home away from home.”

Aditya Nadkarni, Brand Head, JACK&JONES India


“I love the fifth floor, which serves as a break zone where you can relax with a cup of coffee, eat or play. It is my go-to zone, every time I need to get some thinking done.”

Mrithyunjay Amblimath, Head (Operations), Bestseller


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