The 60 #second #CV

CVHow many times have you stood in front of the mirror and practiced being interviewed? And how much time did you spend doing that? According to several recruiters around the globe, you can be hired in less than 10 minutes! Did you know about this? Read on…

When finance professional ParthSanyal went for his interview last month to a multinational firm in Lower Parel, he came out feeling victorious that he bagged the job of an area manager in less than five minutes! While Sanyal was unaware of his success, Rashmi Joshi, HR executive with an MNC in South Mumbai says, “It isn’t a miracle that Parthwas hired by his firm in less than five minutes. If a company is less structured and has the right recruiters who are looking out for thorough professionals, it becomes an easy process in selecting the right person for the job in no time.”

On the other hand, Vimal Syal a recruiter with an online job portal says, “The age of having a step-by-step detailed resume is over now. Apart from helping people find a job in the market, we also educate them on the process of filing a resume which will catch the recruiter’s eye and you can get the job in a minute… That’s what is termed as the 60-second CV. A minute of introduction is enough time to give your hiring manager an understanding about you to pique their interest.”

The elevator pitch

This is often referred to as a speech or statement which is a short summary that is used to quickly and simply define a process and value its proposition. However, when it comes to hiring someone for a job, it is the time taken to evaluate a person’s resume and have a short chat on their expectations and goals, which is as short as an elevator ride!

Is 60 seconds really enough to land you a job?

Vijaya Seth, hiring manager of a private bank states that there are four steps which helps someone get a job in approximately a minute. She says, “Whether you will get a job in such a short span of time or not actually depends on the effective prelude to the conversation about your qualification and work experiences.”

Four steps to bag a job in a minute

Start with saying something complimentary about the person who is hiring you or the company. But remember not to overdo it. If you start on a positive note, it will catch your recruiter’s interest. For example, you can start with “It’s a pleasure meeting you, Mr X. I’ve followed your business advice and I believe its spot on.”

Segue into a conversation about yourself, your interests etc. Make sure that you know how to balance between modesty and confidence. Avoid going by the chronological rule — no one has the time to listen to your detailed CV. Talk in pointers and be sure to make it quick.

Remember to establish contact with the person who has called you for an interview. This will make him/her believe that you are genuinely looking out for a job. Also make sure that you leave a hard copy of your resume along with mailing a soft copy to the recruiter and the manager who is hiring you.

Make sure that you appreciate the time the recruiter has taken out for to hire you. Be genuine and make sure that you do not leave the room until you’ve had a firm handshake. Follow it up with a short thank you note but be sure you don’t cross your limits.

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