What does your #handbag say about you?

handbagsFind out what your bag says about your personality.

Be Indian, buy Indian bag

You prefer Rajasthani thali over a 3 course meal at T.G.I. F. No matter what you wear you can Indian-ise it and thus you carry an indo-western. You are probably the girl who eats her pizza with paneer tikka on it. You wear long skirts, harem pants, kurtis and you can relate to Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met. Even if you go to a foreign country you will find a Sharma ji ki shop where you get your favourite samosas. No kidding, the next bag you’ll buy will probably have the signature Indian elephant graphic print on it unless you don’t already own it.

Carrying the household bag

You like to leave your house fully occupied to survive a zombie attack. Your big huge suitcase of a hobo bag has all the cosmetics one can possibly name as well as a few pens incase you or anybody ever needs to write anything. You probably keep a small bottle of water and a pack of blueberries in your purse lest hunger strikes. Your purse is like a multi-utility van and one can find things that you had forgotten all about. You like to leave the house thinking you have it all and can jump saying “I have! I have!” the moment somebody asks for a nail cutter.

Artistic bag

Your unique bag screams “I’m an artist” and so does your entire look. You like to appear offbeat and creatively intelligent, because you believe you are. You probably like to write poems in your leisure time or paint a canvas or two. Or you might be the one impressing all the boys with that guitar. People call you insane and you take pride in that. Being normal is not your cup of tea and you’ve given up trying. A true artistic spirit, you want to be known as a person of great creative inclination even if it means walking around like a sculpture or a piece of art on the walls of a rich old man living in France.

The right choice bag

You are straight forward and don’t like unnecessary fuss. You carry only what is necessary- a compact, your favourite lipstick, lip balm and eyeliner apart from money, cell phone and keys in your sleek sling bag. You like to feel hands free and prefer looking stylish at all times. You probably even think you are a fashionista and like to lead the fashion squad of your girls. If you go to college, you would rather not carry books than carry a bag big enough to be able to hold them.

CEO’s signature

You carry a classic. You carry a neat, well structured bag with necessary items in it. You are very conscious of your image and would like to be perceived as elegant and classy over funky and quirky. Your assistant is probably scared of you and you send your intern on a coffee run every morning. But you couldn’t care less and somehow enjoy the envious attention, don’t you? If you aren’t the boss, you dream of becoming one.

Party girl bag

You are a very social person and have your diary booked for days in advance. You like to keep busy, going for lunch dates with your girls or for the wine and cheese event at your favourite fashion store. You aren’t bothered by necessities and needs, you prefer taking care of your luxuries instead. You carry a small box clutch with a few credit cards in it, which complements the pearls on your neck. Rich and sophisticated, you look unattainable as you walk into your favourite uptown deli.


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