Reuse #sarees to #refurbish your #home!

We all have that vintage saree tucked inside our mother’s closet which we totally adore but wonder if they can be used somehow if not be draped again. These evergreen beautiful sarees can be reused to add a dash of traditional opulence to your home this festive season and that too under a moderate budget.

Read on to know more:

1. Cushion covers

Is your old silk or handloom saree a little torn? Don’t worry, the hand woven nine-yard piece can still be used to make stunning cushion covers which would uplift the mood of your living room.

P.S: The more vibrant the colours, the better! Also, don’t forget to get a layer of cotton cloth stitched underneath as it would add strength to the cushion covers.

2. Saree Curtains

Create brand new curtains using silk sarees! You can also experiment, by stitching together the sarees of contrast colours or include an elegant patchwork of sarees to the curtains, which would give a perfect traditional touch to your home.

3. Frame the Saree

A simple yet elegant way of decorating the walls could be by framing the exquisite pallu of an exuberant silk saree. Another option could be of getting them framed as wall art pieces.

4. Reuse the Zari

The zari of your old, expensive sarees can be reused to revamp the plain-looking cushion covers, table runners or pillow covers. Cut the zari from the saree and get it stitched on your choice of plain cloth, thus turning the pillow/ cushion covers and table runners into new ones in a simple yet budget friendly way.

5. Brocade Indian quilt

If you have a few silk sarees which can be reused, then what’s better than converting them into a patchwork quilt? It would surely uplift the mood of your bedroom, adding a hint of Indian handloom to it.

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