#Tips to keep your #washroom #clean


Here are few pointers that will help you keep your bathroom sparkling and fragrant:

– Avoid cluttering your bathroom,since it’s usually the smallest room in the house. If you have many sanitary and beauty products, try to store them inside cabinets below the sink or on the wall. Don’t leave them out.

– Scrubbing the counter of the sink and the toilet daily is a must, as these are used regularly and should be clean. If you do it every day, your weekly cleaning routine will be less tedious.

– If you have shower curtains, make sure you change them regularly. Plastic ones can we washed. Do the same with the hand towel above the sink. Put a clean one every morning.

– Never leave dirty laun dry or wet towels inside the bathroom, especially on the floor. Once you’re done using them, take them straight to the laundry or put them in a bathroom hamper.


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