Easy #tricks to #boost your #metabolism

Getting a healthy body naturally seems like an uphill task for those who are unable to lose weight despite having a balanced diet and following strict exercise regime. In some cases, it is the slow metabolism which is to be blamed. Here are some ways to improve your metabolism.

Drink water at the right time

We all know that drinking water throughout the day is a healthy habit. But not many stress on the importance of consuming a glass at the right time. Having a glass or two of warm lemon water after you wake up in the morning helps cleanse the digestive track. The vitamin C in the lemon also strengthens your immune system. Having two glasses of water before every meal, too helps you lose weight.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Whether it is in office or at home, we don’t realise the time we spend sitting at one place. Take small breaks to stretch your body and walk around the premises. Stroll while talking on your phone. You can burn extra calories while doing this.

Keep a check on your diet

When we are conscious of our weight gain, we try to give up on certain foods in our regular diet. Instead of skipping meals, concentrate on keeping your diet full of healthy nutrients. Including fibre and protein is of vital importance since they help boost metabolism. Instead of having them as additional supplements, choose food items that are rich in them. Take the help of your nutritionist who can chart out a complete diet plan according to your food and lifestyle preferences.

Eat more frequently

Yes, if you want to lose weight, don’t stop eating since starving prompts the body to store more fat in the long run. On the contrary, eat more frequently and have small meals at regular intervals through the day.

Learn to de-stress

Stress comes in the way of the body when you are trying to lose weight. While the stressful situations are never ending, one should avoid bingeing. Practice yoga and meditation to relax your mind. Try laughter therapy and smile more often through the day. Ensure that you sleep well and spend quality time with yourself and with loved ones.


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