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53396260Food trends are getting even more strange with armpits now playing a role in a foodie’s life. Even if you’ve resigned to the fact that it takes all kinds of foodies to spice up the world, one can’t help but gawk at the popularity of bizarre food trends. Look at the lowdown of these trends around the world…

Armpit Sushi

Fusion sushi is not new as you see from some of the recent spin given to it — sushi burger, sushi doughnut and sushi pizza. Armpit Sushi is the addition to that list. So, where did it take off? But, of course, from Japan. They seem to have developed a taste for Armpit Sushi. The girl who prepares the dish, sprinkles some sesame seeds under her armpit, after which she rolls the rice ball in it. To retain the shape, she squeezes the rice ball before serving. So far, men have found this to be more delicious as compared to normal sushi.

Bone broth popsicle

Just as we were wrinkling our nose and going ‘ughh’ over Armpit Sushi, comes the news of the launch of an appetising frozen dessert treat — the Bone Broth Popsicle, which uses bone broth with coconut milk. Launched recently in New York, it might just turn out to be the latest health food fad abroad.

Unicorn Toastie

Hong Kong came up with the fancy Unicorn Toastie, which is nothing but a rainbow grilled cheese sandwich with the filling using natural ingredients to add colour. The multi-coloured mix comes from melted cheeses for yellow, lavender for purple, basil for green and tomato for red colour.

Edible nail polish

For fashion lovers who like to bite their nails, there is the edible nail polish. Yes, you read it right. A branch of a well-known fast food chain launched nail polish flavours in Hong Kong, which are based on the brand’s two favourite chicken recipes, Original and Hot & Spicy. Packed in a designer bottle and box, they are sourced from natural ingredients using their secret spices, making the end product taste like chicken. To get a taste of it, you simply apply and dry it like regular nail polish, and then lick it as much as you want.

Foods that continue to trend from last year

Fly Burger

Africa introduced the Fly Burger, made from midge flies, which are a great source of protein. Locals near Africa’s Lake Victoria catch the flies in wet pots and mash them together to make these charcoal black burger patties. Said to be seven times more nutritious than the average beef burger, each patties needs around 5,00,000 flies.

Bone Broth

Although it was always around in grandma’s kitchens, Bone Broth saw a revival as celebrities and sports figures took to it in a big way. Known to be a cure-for-all, this soup made from animal bones made its way to become the hottest food trend of 2015.

Cricket Energy Bar

Eating crickets goes back to the days of the Aztecs. They were ground into flour to make bread some 500 years ago, and people in the Southeast Asian countries have been steaming, roasting and currying up crickets for centuries. So, even as people from around the world snack on these bugs, Europe and North America, started making cricket flour. As health foodies found a new source of protein which is gluten, dairy, soy and grain free, it was used to make energy bars, snack bars and even cookies.

Rainbow Bagel

A bagel store in New York launched the Rainbow Bagel Sandwich, which is a colourful bagel stuffed with cotton candy and cream cheese flavoured with rainbow sprinkle cake. The technicolour bagels look like Play-Doh and when you slice open those beauties there’s a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours.

Chicken Corsages

A couple of years ago, a fast food giant launched Chicken Corsages in the US during prom time and high-schoolers used it to ask their sweethearts to prom. It became a trend to get a ‘promposal’ with a chicken corsage for the young ladies to wear on their wrist. Made of fried chicken drumsticks surrounded by green leaves, flowers and white ribbon, you could customise the corsage to match the prom outfit with three options of flavours — the original recipe, extra crispy or the special grilled chicken.

Drinking Clay

Drinking clay also made it to the list of the health foods as the frenzy for it was fanned by celebrities who vouched for its multiple benefits. Mixed with smoothies and juices, everyone went nuts having clay infused drinks, which according to claims, also aided weight loss.

Noodle Burger

The Burger Donut, which combined sweet and savoury flavours, became popular a couple of years back. The burger — topped with chili-infused cabbage, carrots, onions, basil and teriyaki aioli was sandwiched in a bun made of noodles.


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