Have you tried these five new #ingredients?

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-4-29-55-pmThe five new ingredients defining our culinary space…

Goat Curd: As the name suggests it is curd made using goat’s milk. Chefs looking for fancy ideas have found this to be the new elixir. It has a strong taste that adds zing to salads and European preparations. For usage in Indian dishes though,food writer Osama Jalali suggests using it with garlic in savoury dishes and in desserts with rose water and kewra. This is to balance its strong after taste.

Chicken Skin: This is the most hated part of chicken but not anymore if chef Shamsul Wahid is to be believed. He puts it to good use for making canapés, for stock, extracts the fat from the skin to use it in a jus or to make a crispy chicken chaat with the skin. In fact one of his hot sellers is ‘skinny dip’ made from chicken skin.

Baharat: Sprinkle your meat, poultry, fish preparations and steaks with Baharat, this season suggests chef Pawan Bisht. Baharat is a mix of spices used in Middle-Eastern cuisines and is a really flavourful spice mix. Bisht says you can also make it at home by grounding cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, nutmeg and dried red chilies together and use the mix in soups and sauces for meat dishes.

Fruit Cider: Ciders have come a long way from being just fizzy apple juices. These fruity ‘sparkling wines’ are beating brews and malts this season. Extremely popular in Europe and North America, these beverages with high fruit concentrate are becoming the drink of choice across bars here too.

Their fruity flavour and added alcoholic punch works in its favour. Chef Neeraj Tyagi says cider reductions are being used in salads as well.

Tree Syrups: Sugar maple is too sweet. So step in birch, pine, black walnut and butternut tree syrups that are lower in sugar content. They are being used as pairings with meat dishes, sauces and dressings for ice cream and waffles.


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