Types of #students you meet at #college #fests

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-2-32-44-pmStudents look forward to this time of the year — the period between Diwali and Christmas vacations — as it completely belongs to them with the spurt of college festivals around this time. While some are a part of the organising committee, others gear up to perform, and then there are those who watch. With so much happening during college festivals, one comes across all kinds of personalities — from college loyalists to social butterflies. A look at a few of them…

  • The ‘I’m in my last year’ nostalgics

Since it’s the last year in college, they are high on the college spirit. You can recognise them from this expression, ‘Man, I’m going to miss this.’ They are constantly getting nostalgic about their good ‘ol days and get sentimental about how they will miss being a part of the core committee. These nostalgics encourage their juniors to live up to their name and hand out gyaan on consequential (and inconsequential matters). They are harmless, so bear with them.

  • The hoity-toity lot

Dressed to the hilt, manicured nails, make-up on spot and flanked by few friends (um, sidekicks?) — they are the cynosure of all eyes wherever they go. Any road they take ends up becoming their ramp. Loud at times, they have a touch-me-not vibe around them.

  • Aspiring Photogs
They may not be the official photographers for the fest, but are armed with their DSLRs. They think it is their responsibility to document the fest. In turn, they end up building up their portfolio. Often, many ‘candid’ profile pictures, ‘moments’ or ‘happiness is’ posts on their friends’ social media pages are all thanks to them!
  • Floating Spectre

They are not really participating in any event whatsoever, but you will see them floating at all events. They are either looking down at the people around them or rating performances and participants.

  • The social networkers

You can see their kind in various avatars — as volunteers in a loose tee at the venue, as participants at a workshop and the ones, who walk up to their friends dramatically as they sing. They make the most of everything — be it in the event or in making contacts. ‘Neath that social and affable nature personality is a person who wants to make the right connection.

  • The energisers
Their face reads, ‘I’m here to support my team’. You can recognise them from their competitive demeanour and running around. They at times don the role of contingent leaders, who bang the registration desk for one more OTSE (on the spot entry) or as slogan masters who shout out stuff like, ek, do, teen chaar, jeetenge hamaare yaar… At the end of the fest, you find them nursing sore throats — the result of cold drinks or all the screaming and cheering.

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