Pep up your #winter #morning with these #workouts

After braving one of the hottest summers in recent years, it’s finally winter time. And winter not only means cuddling up in quilts, it also means gorging on a lot of delicious food. And in this season, workouts typically take a back seat. However, as Amdavadis are consciously treading on the fitness route, it has surely given way for some cool and much in vogue workouts to make its presence felt in the city. Be it sweating it out with high intensity workouts or hanging upside down from a hammock, the city certainly has something new to offer in the fitness genre. So, as the mercury will dip in the coming weeks, get ready to sweat it out. We list down workout options that’s catching the fancy of Amdavadis. Here’s taking a dekko:

C rossfit Training: Crossfit training is a workout pattern where elements like high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics et al are combined to give maximum result. “Crossfit training can be performed inside a gym or out in the open, which is termed as boot camp,” suggests Rinku Ravat, a crossfit trainer. “From using gym equipments such as barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, jump ropes, kettlebells to using your body weight, it works on every body part,” he adds.

Benefits: Core strengthening, inch loss, toning, flexibility, agility and improving stamina.

Weekly check: Do it twice a week, as after every session the body needs 48 hours rest. Team remaining days with light cardio.

Pilates: Ever wondered what’s keeping these actors and actresses lean and super fit? Pilates! “While many have been practicing pilates for years, this fitness form has been getting attention lately,” says Harshika Patel, a city based pilates instructor. “We bring in variations by adding props, mat and other equipments that help in not only losing weight but also tone up your body. But the effect will be seen only if each move is done with utmost precision and control. It also helps in developing better concentration,” adds Harshika.

Benefits: While it can be performed along with other forms of cardio, pilates strengthens your core muscles, flexibility, works great on your entire body posture and is good for your spine. Not just this, many sports persons are also opting for this workout during injuries, in cases of slip disc or even osteoporosis.

Weekly check: Ideally, start with a thrice a week session and then slowly you can move to five days a week.

Zumba : How about starting your cool winter mornings with some peppy dance steps? Another workout which is most preferred by many fitness enthusiasts is Zumba. “Zumba gives the routine cardio plus weight combination a break,” says Ruju Desai, a zumba instructor. “People in the city are opening up to newer forms of exercises and zumba is one of them. It is a great way of doing cardio and it helps in improving your heart rate. Adding other gym equipments, steps or even light weights can give great results,” adds Ruju.

Benefits: From cardio, improving heart rate, muscle conditioning, core muscle strengthening, balance and flexibility to high energy levels, this workout takes care of all.

Weekly check: 3-4 times a week

Kick Boxing: So you had a bad day at work and you want to vent it out by punching someone? Try out kick boxing. Not only you get to punch the bag and vent out your anger but this workout works great on every body part, says Deep Zanzarakiya, city based kick boxing coach. “Kick boxing is one of the well-known form of combat sports and is a great form of self-defense as well. Although this form of workout was prevalent, thanks to social media, this form of fitness has gained lot of attention,” says Deep. He further adds, “Apart from being a rigorous form of cardio, this workout helps one to improve their agility and entire body co-ordination as one has to be super quick while responding to the punches and kicks. Also it is a great way to lose weight.”

Benefits: One can see the benefits of doing it regularly as one has to be precise with every move and this precision helps a lot on toning your body. Apart from being an excellent stress buster, it is a great form of cardio, improves flexibility and strengthens your core muscles.

Weekly check: Thrice a week by opting for a good mix of cardio and weight on alternate days

Aerial Yoga : How about adding a little twist to the good-ol’ yoga asanas? Try aerial yoga. “Elevating from a hammock and performing different asanas is one of the main reasons why many youngsters are hooked to this new style and new age yoga,” says Prerak Shah, an aerial yoga instructor. “Fitness freaks in the city are looking for something new that gives them quick results and is equally fun to perform. Aerial yoga is their answer,” says Prerak.

Benefits: Works great for inch loss and back pain. Not just this as you are hanging upside down by a hammock, it improves your blood circulation, digestive system and heart rate as you are working against gravity.

Weekly check: Thrice a week combined with light cardio on alternate days


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