10 #assumptions about single #independent #women we need to stop making!

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-2-14-07-pmBeing self-sufficient and independent is a matter of pride, isn’t it? But, unfortunately it comes with lots of assumptions and judgments for the single ladies! Whether good or bad, they’re just illogical. Here is a list of 10 such annoying assumptions that we need to stop making!

1. They’re all ‘bi**hes’

You read that correct. Women living alone and making their own money are considered to be so called ‘bi**hes’ by most of the typical uncles and aunties of the society. They’re considered to be high headed, snobbish and rude. Really? Why does someone’s social status define their character?

2. She’s a ‘bigdi hui ladki’

Amongst those various self formed phrases in the Indian dictionary, there is one such phrase as ‘Bigda hua ladka/Bigdi hui ladki’. Anyone who smokes or drinks automatically defines this phrase and topping the list of such bigdi hui ladkiyan are the single independent women!

3. Divorced, widow, separated or just abandoned?

Check this one out. If a girl is single and self-reliant, she’s either divorced, widowed or separated. And if this wasn’t enough, she’s thought to be abandoned by her parents. Well, really? If a girl does not need a man to feed her, she’s one of the four. Wow. Slow clap.

4. They’re ‘slut shamed’.

”Such women are into bad things” Sounds familiar, right? And well, all of us know what they mean by ”bad things”. I don’t understand how being self-sufficient enough leads to people thinking of them to be ”into bad things” or as we might just say it, into ”paid sex”.

5. She won’t get a good partner

As funny as it might sound, if you’re single and earning well, you won’t get a good partner! “Who would marry a girl who doesn’t need a man to support her?” Yes, believe it or not, that’s the ‘Indian mentality’ and it’s not going to change. At least in the near future.

6. They’re anti-social

Amongst that list of assumptions we make about unwed independent women, their being anti-social ranks amongst the top! They’re assumed to be unfriendly and reserved even when they might not be! But who cares? Do our assumptions have any logic?

7. They are ‘available’

A women’s relationship status does not say things about her character. This tops the list of the weird assumptions the society makes about single independent women. And it’s not fair. Her being single does not mean that she’s available.

8. They make bad home makers

Duh. Seriously? She would make a bad home maker if she’s living her life independently? That’s ironic. Because they already have a habit of managing things single handedly. So, they’d make awesome home makers. Just btw. Talk sense.

9. Her life is a party!

One of the most common misconceptions people have about single independent women is that if they live alone and earn money, they must be partying and drinking and smoking every night. One, it’s not true. Second, even if it is, it’s okay. They’re adults and they have a right to live their life like they want to.

10. They’re lonely

Often, a woman is thought to be ‘lonely’ if she’s living alone. One thing the so called ‘society’ needs to know is that alone does not mean lonely. They are two different terms and have different meanings. What if they like it that way? Independent, free, by themselves?


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