#Online #dating #tips which never #fail

online-datingThe Tinder generation has come a long way. Meeting someone you have swiped right on your profile or discovered on an online dating portal can be exciting at first, but it comes with its own set of pros and cons. And if you’ve still not got the dating game right, here are a few tips:

1.Be honest

Even though the usual lot that you will dig up on online portals may not be exactly honest, but it’s always better to keep your shoes clean. Stating things about yourself as they are maybe time consuming and unnecessary right now, but will go a long way.

2.Research, but a little

Researching is good to begin with. However, don’t let your investigation turn into stalking. The last thing you want is to be creepy. Which maybe a case if you become attached to a person you have not even met yet.

3.Keep your options open

Don’t be rigid about your approach. After all, you came to an online portal to have some fun right? Let things come as they are.

4.Don’t judge a book by its cover

Okay. All of us have a tendency of uploading a Bollywood worthy picture. But hold your horses. Talk to the other person. Find out how they are. Don’t rush into anything.

5.Pick someone with similar interests

This will help you so that when you actually end up meeting this online stranger-potential-date, you have a second of awkwardness and then everything goes away!

6.Reveal less

Take things slow. Don’t talk only about yourself and end up revealing more than you should have. Let the excitement of knowing each other not vanish!

7.Be ready for rejection

Everyone may not be like you. Accept this fact like you have for other things in life.

8.Opt for a neutral meeting place

Choose a place that is midway. Don’t go for a place for that is too far away or too near to your place. A place that is calm, lets you talk and listen at the same time.

9.If in doubt, delete them

If there is an inch of doubt , delete them right away. Don’t go for something you end up regretting later.

10.Stay safe

Be as safe as possible. Putting yourself in danger is not why you started this in the first place.


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