Celebrating #love…or not

56139145End to clingy-ness

Couples are seeking more independence being together but apart. Independence in relationships doesn’t translate to being distant. In fact, ‘independent’ couples suffer less emotional burnout. They are also more willing to compromise on important issues and make time for their loved ones.

L.A.T.S. call

Here’s to the rise of LATs aka people Living Apart Together. They are the new trendsetters – couples in a serious relationship but who prefer to live apart, either by choice or by circumstance. The number of LAT couples has increased exponentially in the past decade.

Happy divorces

Probably the smartest way to call it quits in any long-term realtionship, especially if you have kids. Last year, divorced couples decided to continue living in the same space yet separately. The idea: no fights over custody or property. They keep separate weekend homes where they live like singles.

Flying solo

Good news: You can be single at any age, not just in your 20s. Last year saw a celebration of singlehood, as people across age groups chose to go solo. Table for one? Yes, please.


This was the year of megadating, thanks to the social media dating scene. Megadating is about being in series of non-exclusive relationships. This isn’t cheating as committment phase is still far away. Most megadaters don’t have clarity on what they want in their partner. So, the indecision gets them hooked to megadating.

Waiting for Someone Better

By far one of the most common “millennial trends” in 2016. There are a slew of dating apps that are actually designed to keep you coming back for the next “best thing.” But what is the next best thing? That’s what is known as the proverbial million dollar question.

-In therapy, we trust

We saw a heartening trend of couples ready to seek the help of a therapist or marriage counsellor to save their relationship. People are realising that relationships are becoming more complex. Couple therapy is losing its stigma and more people are enjoying the benefits of talking their heart out. According to psychologist Dr Wiebke Neberich, couples are willing to recognise issues that crop up as their relationship complexities grow.


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