Coming home…

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-12-29-39-pmSay no to gadgets

Homeowners sought spaces devoid of screens and larger lounge sofas became the norm – a perfect space for families who used it to connect without staying connected.

Mix it up

Our home was our canvas and our imagination was wild, as mismatched décor became a rage. We mixed and matched colours and textures – pairing a blue chair with yellow sofa or red tiles with white ceramics. The idea: to keep it quirky.

Spiritual spaces

We looked for a spiritual connect in our home design. The result: spiritual spaces in the house moved away from the main puja ghar.

Begone bathtubs

Baths are now considered uncool. These days, people no longer seek to soak themselves in the baths, as they occupy lot of space and involve high costs. We saw the rise of smart toilets with heated seats and automated flushes.

Style tiles

This was the year of geometric patterns. Cement and even wood was a hot pick.

Seat of power

Chairs made a statement this year and the bolder, the better. People made sure their seats were sassed up with innovative fabrics, quirky prints and crazy colours to make sure chairs were conversation starters. Blue, orange and coral ruled the palette.

One of a kind

People put on their walking shoes to hunt for unique ‘one-of-its-kind’ handmade items. DIY was a big buzz with crafts like patchwork, embroidery becoming cool again.

Vintage charm

We mixed vintage finds with modern furniture to create an eclectic and unique look.


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