Eat these #foods to bring in #good #luck in 2017

1. Kick start 2017 with some extra luck!


The start of a new year has a tendency to turn even non-believers a tad superstitious. Why not give it a chance and try things which might just make you a bit more lucky than usual. Here’s a list of 10 foods that have been eaten traditionally to make the new year a lucky one!

2. Grapes


Eat twelve grapes at midnight, one for each chime of a clock. Though eating grapes this quickly is not as easy as it may sound but according to the Spanish and Portuguese, this ritual guarantees sweetness and fortune in the year ahead. While you’re engrossed in eating those grapes, pay attention to the taste of each grape – if the fifth grape is sour, then May might be a rough month.

3. Pomegranate


In Greece, when the new year turns, a pomegranate is smashed on the floor in front of the door. The reason behind wasting a perfect fresh fruit is quite intriguing. These seeds symbolize luck for them, and they believe that the more seeds the smashed fruit has, the more luck the New Year will bring. Go…smash it on the floor!

4. Pork


If you eat meat, pick pork over chicken on New Year day as it might bring some good luck to you! Piggies dig with their snout which represents forward movement or progress. On the other hand, these fleshy and chubby creatures symbolize plenty and prosperity and their fatty meat is also symbolic of fattening their wallets.

5. Whole Fish


Fish scales symbolize silver. In some countries, people actually put fish scales in their wallet as it’s believed to shower immense good luck monetarily. Another reason to believe in this is that fish swim forward signifying growth. Hence a big no to lobster or crab keeping in mind their sideways and backwards walk.

6. Greens


This year, make sure you gobble up tons of greens as they’re believed to ‘show you the money!’ The more greens you eat, the more fortune (and fiber) you will have in the coming year. Spinach, cabbage and kale are all said to represent paper money.

7. Round Foods


Foods such as bagels, cookies, donuts, cakes, pancakes and quiches that are in the shape of a ‘ring’ are said to symbolize upcoming year in a full circle. Eating ring-shaped food for new year eve dinner or the first breakfast of the new year is considered lucky. If you’re health conscious, then you can certainly opt for healthier options like sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes and other veggies sliced in circles.

8. Corn Bread


The colour of Cornbread resembles that of gold and is considered a lucky charm in the southern United States. To ensure extra luck, some people add extra corn kernels, which are emblematic of golden nuggets.

9. Cake with a coin


A new year’s eve without a cake is incomplete. In Greece, a coin is baked in a delicate chocolate cake. When the dessert is served at midnight, whoever receives the coin is granted extra good luck for the New Year. However in search for some extra luck, don’t end up swallowing the said coin. Oops!

10. Curd


This is more prominent in Indian families. The custom of having curd with sugar before an important event has been in prevalence since the old age. Doing the same on the first day of the new year is said to bring in energy, good vibes and luck.

11. Soba Noodles


Slurp the noodles for even more luck. For Japanese, long noodles are directly proportional to longer life. Noodles are thought to bring longevity in many Asian countries. They’re often eaten on New Year’s day because their appearance is symbolic of bringing long life.

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