#Decorate your home with #antiques this season

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-2-34-47-pmThe city is bustling with various stores that have a wonderful collection of antique furniture. They turn your fragile finds into a lovely decorating coup. If you are the one who likes old-charm, here are a few antique decor items you must invest in.

Royal sofa set

As opposed to a usual sofa set in metal, bamboo, plastic etc. an antique sofa set in teak or oak wood lends a country look to your home. When opting for an antique sofa set, make sure that you have just one piece as opposed to putting two together. Keep just one piece of antique in your living area so that it adds space to your room.

A mirror in the hallway

If you have space in your house, an antique hallway mirror looks glamourous. Keep this in your living area as the only focal point. This way you will not require any other heavy furniture or art pieces to be kept in your living room.

A rusted cabinet

An antique cabinet placed in the living area can serve several purposes. You can store your books in there; turn it around as a bar when your friends visit or maybe just stock expensive showpieces.

Old-wood dining table

Bring home a large antique oak dining table that will lend a regal touch to your home. You can have the top of the table done up in glass or just maintain the wooden surface. They are a glam quotient and also make your home look comfortable.

Ancient clock

Have you ever noticed the wall clocks on platforms? Most of them have an ancient wall clock. You can replicate this style in your home as well.

However, while doing so, you need to make sure that the rest of your decor is also vintage. For example, you can have white curtains, a plain rusted sofa set with checkered linens on it or muted gold cushion covers thrown across a solid-coloured fabric sofa set.

Things to keep in mind

When purchasing antique furniture, these are the things you must keep in mind.

Always keep it practical. Don’t purchase everything you like in antique. This will make your room look claustrophobic. Choose wisely. Invest in something old and make sure that it solves your modern day purpose as well.

Don’t stock too many and keep it minimal. Picking vintage pieces can be challenging because you may not know whether all pieces put together will look great. Also, antique furniture are quite heavy on decor, so sticking to basics like a mirror or a sofa, a wall hanging or a dining table will add space to your home.


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