Don’t keep #secrets from your #hubby

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-4-22-03-pmShould every married woman have a secret account?

Honesty is the key to a happy marriage. Period. But apparently, most husbands and wives have their share of little secrets that they keep from each other. However, these are generally of the harmless kinds that do not cause any damage to the relationship. So, what are we trying to get at, you may wonder?

It’s said, that a woman’s heart is a treasure of secrets. And a recent study in Britain has just proved that. The study reveals that 4.5 million married women there possess secret bank accounts which their husbands are oblivious to! Most women spend this money on little treats for themselves or keep it as a security in case of marital discord.

So, is having such an account a fair idea? There are few who totally detest the thought. And actor Sonali Kulkarni is one of them. She feels that such an act would mean getting into a negative gamble. “This would be like preparing your relationship for a disaster. The healthy bond of marriage would certainly get affected by this. I personally would never do it,” states she. But outlooks differ. Some believe that having a hush-hush account has its own benefits.

Model Pooja Chopra jokes, “It’s not such a bad idea. I can spend the money on giving surprise gifts to my husband.” On a serious note she adds, “I don’t see anything wrong with having an account which only I know of. Being a woman of today’s time, I certainly want to feel cushioned and stable. Life can be quite unpredictable and such an account can prove to be useful in case of mishaps as well.”

Actor Smita Tambe has a balanced outlook towards the issue. She says, “It all depends on what the circumstances are. Though forthrightly the idea seems to be a deceptive one, a woman feeling the need of having a secret account itself points out towards some communication gap in her relationship. Whether we accept it or not, in our society which is still male-dominated, despite the fact that women are earning equally and should have an equal right to spend on what they desire, it’s the man who still controls the expenses is most of the families.” So, having a clandestine account if relations are problematic is totally justified according to Tambe.

So, the final word is: whether or not you open a secret account remains a choice, but make sure that your marriage becomes a fixed deposit!