Real #men reveal the one #quality they actually want in their future #wife


Marriage is one of the most carefully-thought decisions of life. It is not possible to find every desirable quality in one person, but there are some traits that the partner must have. We got in touch with five real men from different walks of life and asked them about the one quality they will seek in their future wife. Here are the answers…

1. “My future wife must understand the concept of male ego. We will be surely taking majority of the decisions mutually but she must know that at some places, the husband is the dominating one. This thing boosts our self confidence and makes us feel respected.”- Divyesh Gautam, automobile analyst

2. The one quality I will seek in my future wife is intellect. She must be aware of what is happening in the world, and be well read. I want her to hold healthy discussions on different topics and have her own point of view.”- Kunal Kashyap, student

3. “I want my would-be wife to be independent. She must have a good persona and life of her own. A financially independent and emotionally strong woman is surely attractive.”- Tuhinanshu, entrepreneur

4. “My wife must be a chilled out person. I am myself full of life, and will look the same trait in my wife. She must be mischeavous and a bit lunatic. It keeps your relationship alive.”- Shubham Aggarwal, vlogger

5. “For me, it’s trust. I travel a lot on business trips and don’t want my partner to pester me about who’s with me, where am I going, etc, after every two hours. Trust is the backbone of every relationship, and one can’t live a happy married life without it.”- Nitish Agarwal, entrepreneur


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