5 #cringeworthy #spots you need to #clean NOW!

56376360Even if you are a cleanliness freak and spend hours tidying up every nook and corner of your house, there are chances that the dirtiest areas in your house go unnoticed. These unexpected cringeworthy spots tend to attract bacterial growth and can be dirtier than your toilets. Well, here’s a look at five spots, which generally get ignored while we are busy making the place spick and span.

Light switches

When was the last time you cleaned the light switches in your house? We generally ignore this spot that harbour germs and becomes the reason behind spreading common colds. Avoid spreading illness by cleaning these switches with a disinfectant.

Kitchen rags

If not washed regularly, kitchen rags and sponges used to clean kitchen counters or dishes, may spread germs and bacteria. Sanitize them separately by dipping them in a disinfectant solution, at least overnight.

Taps and fittings

Yes, we need to pay attention to them too. Just because they are splashed with water all-day doesn’t make them germ-free. Clean them regularly to avoid any bacterial growth or mildew on them that can endanger your health.

Kitchen sink

Studies have shown there is more E. coli in the kitchen sink than inside the toilet seat after you’ve flushed it. Food particles left on the dishes and moisture in the atmosphere is what let bacteria thrive on in your kitchen sink. Clean the sink on a daily basis with a disinfectant made especially for the kitchen to kill bad pathogens.
Rugs and cushions
Fine dust particles set on your rugs are difficult to be cleaned. Everyday there is dust settling on the rugs, which is not visible and hence gets ignored. Clean them with a broom daily or vacuum clean them every alternate day. You will be surprised by the amount of dust trapped.