5 ways you can make your #office space #women #friendly

Office ergonomics is an important factor to create a modern workspace. This science of designing workspaces aims to provide an employee friendly environment, which further helps in increasing the efficiency of the workforce. Since women juggle between different roles, home and work pressures, installing a few changes especially for female employees will surely encourage a healthy working environment.

A healthy workstation

Studies suggest a rise in the number of calcium deficiency cases in women which results in low bone density issues too. A standard seat and fixed desks can further aggravate health issues for women employees, who have desk-bound jobs. Hence, offices should invest in ergonomically enhanced furniture which is designed to relieve pressure, increase blood flow and eliminate back pain.


Since Indian women are of average height and it is difficult for them to find comfort in a chair too high or a table too low, offices can provide footrests along with the chairs. This would provide comfort and enhance their sitting posture increasing their productivity too.

Pregnancy care

With the rise of expectant working mothers, offices must have a dedicate resting area for them. A cosy space with comfortable lounge chair, couch or a recliner is suitable for this. The same room can also be used by nursing mothers with adequate storage and a freezing facility.


Facilities in women washroom areas are very important. Cabinets to keep basic essentials and proper sanitary disposal dustbins are a must for a hygienic environment. Additionally, if an office has a luxury of space, providing shower or changing facilities and a full-length mirror will certainly be appreciated by the female employees.


Owing to the erratic work schedules, modern organisations are investing in creche and play areas. Irrespective of the fact whether it is a working father or a working mother, such facilities strengthen employees’ faith in their company resulting in enhanced efficiency.