#Movies you must make your #daughter watch

If you have a baby girl, chances are high that you take immense pride in the fact that she likes Cinderella cake for her birthday, loves wearing the Snow White cape and aspires to have long hair like Rapunzel. Not to forget, she subconsciously believes that her Prince Charming will come one day and sweep her off the feet. Well, let’s get straight to the point. What your girl needs to know is that she needs better role models; of brave girls who define their own path and know darn well how to fight for their right. We bring to you four movies that your daughter must see…


Unlike most of the animated movies we know, Moana doesn’t have a love angle, which is a breath of fresh air. And that’s just a small part of why the movie is fabulous. The girl Moana is never treated differently for being a girl. She is her father’s only daughter and is the one to be the chief after him. There is no gender bias at all. The demigod in the movie, Maui, also mentions in one of the scenes that he is not just the hero of men, but hero to all. What makes Moana weaker to Maui is not her gender but the fact that he is a demigod and she is a mortal. Your girl must watch this brilliant example of girl power.


Disney princesses have always had evil moms giving them a tough time but Brave changes that. The woman who makes the life of the protagonist tough is not her stepmother but her mom. The protagonist of the movie Brave is warrior princess, Merida. Her mother wants to find a suitable mate for Merida, while she wants to be free and independent. The film is designed around strong female characters, with women in charge of their fate. Gender equality is the biggest message here.


‘He woke her up with the kiss of love…’ is a story that reminds us of a typical fairytale but that’s where Frozen ceases to be similar to other animation movies. The movie has a love story but it is not a man’s kiss of love that saves the woman but her sister Elsa’s. The movie is a portrayal of strong sisterly love. There is no beast or evil step mom that has to be fought but a girl’s own fears. This is a must watch film!


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