Does your little one suffer from #diaper #rash?

The main cause for that annoying rash on the bum and thighs of your baby are nappies or wet diapers that cause great discomfort.

Although the main cause for diaper rash is excessive wetness, other causes include tight diapers, humid climate, and not washing cloth nappies properly, which leaves residues of detergent in the nappy.

– Change your baby’s nappy as often as you can so as to keep their bottoms clean and dry.

– Letting your baby stay without a diaper for a few minutes helps the rash heal faster.

– Applying aloe vera gel on the rash keeps the skin free of moisture.

– When you keep dirty nappies for a wash, add half a cup of vinegar to the waterand rinse the diapers without using any detergents, which might be causing the rash in the first place.

– Petroleum jelly goes a long way in curing diaper rash effectively.

– Avoid using perfumed soaps or detergents to wash nappies — it might be the cause for the rash.

– Use a mild soap and lukewarm water instead of wipes to clean your baby.

– Always let the diaper area dry completely before making your baby wear another nappy.

– Add a little oatmeal to warm water when you’re giving your baby a bath.

– Avoid using diapers that have plastic edges.

– Dry your babies bottom gently with a soft towel or cotton — don’t scrub it.

– As much as you can, try and avoid using talcum powder on your baby , it can get into the little one’s lungs.


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