How to apologise to your #partner

Every couple has their share of fights but there are times when you need to own up to your mistakes and say you’re sorry. Here’s how you can do that.

– It takes courage to accept that you are wrong and to give an apology. But many a times, people feel uncomfortable and are embarrassed when they make a mistake. Get over these feelings, regardless of how embarrassing it might be.

– Be honest and speak from your heart. If you are genuinely sorry, allow your feelings to show by speaking your mind and being honest. Keep it simple.

– Have a positive body language. It’s not just the words that matter in a conversation. Your body language will also show how you are feeling. Avoid crossed arms, tense shoulders, and fidgeting. It will not just make you look distracted but also make your partner feel that you are not genuinely feeling sorry.

– Never get defensive. Else it can lead to another argument and the point of apologising will be lost.


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