Are you ready to #settle #down?

Take this quiz to find out…


Marriage-minded women or women who are are not too keen on commitment… which would you choose? If you are hunting down women who are wife-material then you are seriously ready to settle down. If you are a guy who believes that he should not deprive all the pretty girls of his company, then you are not ready to commit yet. Find out…

What is your top priority when you’re at a bar/party/club?
A. Looking for a girl who looks polished enough to bring home to mom someday.
B. Chilling with your friends and flirting.
C. Going wild with as many girls as you see. Why bother zeroing in on one girl — you probably won’t see each other again anyway.

Would you go out with a cute girl just like that, even though you are sure that you both would probably have no future together?
A. Of course not. Why should I bother? It’s like going to a store and trying on things that you can’t buy.
B. Yeah, sure. Why not if she is fun to hang out with? I don’t think you need to find your ‘true love’ in every girl you are going out with.
C. Oh yes! I would never say no to a cute girl. How can I disappoint them like that?

You look at your engaged friends/family members and feel:
A. Envious. It’s your turn now!
B. Giddy. You are not quite sure about getting engaged.
C. Skeptical. Their blissfully married life won’t last for sure.

Which article will you most likely read in your daily newspaper?
A. ‘The Married Couples’ Advice’
B. ‘Your love checklist’
C. ‘How to make sex hotter’

For you, sex with the same girl for the rest of your life is like:
A. A long romantic epic. Classics never grow stale with the perfect leading lady.
B. Reruns of serials. There are only so many times before it gets painfully predictable.
C. Reality TV. As long as it’s surprising and keeps changing, you’ll enjoy it.

Mostly A
You sure are a commitment-friendly dude. You are only looking for that one special girl who you can take home to your mom.

Mostly B
You are not desperate to lock up a commitment with a girl and rarely look at your engaged friends with a ‘Why isn’t it me?’ envy. Sure, you love being part of a cosy duo, but you are cool flying solo between relationships.

Mostly C
Commitment? What is that? You believe that when there are so many cute and willing girls all around you, why should you just stick to one? They deserve to go out with you, don’t they? you wouldn’t deprive them. Slow down dude…