Why you must #drink #water

Regular intake of water is essential for maintaining good health!


Most of us know that up to seventy per cent of the total body weight is due to water. Although it is present in all parts of the body, it is more present in organs such as lungs and brain and fluids such as blood, lymph, saliva and secretions by the organs of the digestive system.

The common belief is that we feel thirsty only when our body needs water. While this is true, recent research studies have indicated that there are several other indicators of inadequate water in some or all parts of the body. Ignoring these indicators can lead to several major diseases.

Most of us spend a lot of our working hours in air-conditioned environment so naturally we don’t feel thirsty but that does not mean that our body does not need water. Lack of water can lead to fatigue too. So, for your glowing health, drink enough water.

Importance of water for maintaining normal health:

Just as water helps a seed grow into a tree, it also helps our body. The flow of water inside and outside the cells generates energy. This energy is stored in body along with other chemical sources of energy in the body. The energy generated by the water in the cells helps transmit impulses in the nerves. Water content in the body influences the functions of the various proteins and enzymes that are dissolved in it.

Water helps maintain the moisture of the lining of the internal organs of the body. It maintains normal volume and consistency of fluids such as blood and lymph. It regulates body temperature.

It removes ‘toxins’ from the body

Water is essential for regulating the normal structure and functions of the skin. The body loses about four litres of water every day. It is, therefore, necessary to replenish this volume by drinking at least the equivalent amount of water every day. Inadequate intake of water can lead to dehydration.