Are you leading a #healthy, #happy #life?

For your physical and emotional well-being, follow these basic rules.

Are-you-leading-a-healthy-happy-lifeEat home-cooked meals: Restaurants have become an essential part of urban landscape. And eating out is big biz now in cities. But if you want to have a healthy lifestyle then cook a healthy meal at home. Nothing beats a home cooked meal. Not only you will save money, you will be better off on health front.

Drink water: Even though you are not feeling thirsty (just because you are working in an air-conditioned office), keep on drinking water. Water helps flush your body of toxins and carries essential nutrients to your cells.

Get moving: Find something you love doing. Whether it’s yoga, jogging, swimming, or playing basketball, pick an activity you really like and start doing it. Don’t let yourself go slack on exercises. Don’t just be a couch potato at home. Exercises are great mood elevators. So, enjoy stretching your muscles.

Live in the present: Worrying has never solved any problem. Nor will it ever. So, learn to live in the present and find a solution to your problem instead of wasting your energy on worrying.

Maintain relationships: There is great wisdom is the saying ‘Man is a social animal.’ So, have a healthy happy life by staying in touch with your family and friends. Maintaining close relationships go a long way in being happy.