How to make yourself a #morning #person!

Do you dread waking up in the morning? Enjoy a productive day by starting your day on a happy and cheerful note. Here are 4 ways to do this.


Sleep tight: You can’t add zing to your morning if you wake up groggy. To enjoy your mornings on a happy, cheerful note, you need to have your sleep quota fulfilled in the night. Make sure that you take a break from your electronic gadgets before you go off to sleep. Say no to caffeine in the night. Make the necessary lifestyle changes before you hit the bed. And see the difference.

Start your day on a happy, positive note: Celebrate a whole new day in your life and do that by expressing your gratitude to life. You need not start your day as if you are running a 100 metre race. Revel in the joy of mindfulness. Spend some time in solitude. Listen to you some soothing music, read something that interests you or if you can afford it then spend some time with nature. Go and sit in a park and read your newspaper there.

Planning for the day: It’s always nice to know to plan your day in advice. This saves you from lots of stress and anxiety. So, before hitting the bed in the night, run through a check list in your mind. Write it down in your To Do list. So, you can have a fairly good idea about how your day is going to unfold.

Stay Tidy: No one wants to wake up to a messy space. What a bad way to start a day! Give yourself five minutes each evening to do some quick cleaning. By doing this, you wake up to a nice, clean view in your room. Clutter around you creates confusion. To have clarity of mind, you need to have a nice, clean space.


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