These five things are killing your #relationship!

Let’s get this straight—no relationship is perfect. Everyone make mistakes, and it’s best to realise them as soon as possible, and get them sorted.

While everyone knows that cheating, lying, arrogance, et al, take a toll on a relationship, but there are many other habits that may lead it to a rough patch. We are going to tell you these little traits that may seep into your relationship even before you realise, and start damaging it.

Here are the five little things that deserve no place in your relationship…


There are days when you both are talking day in and day out, and there are days of minimal or no contact. Well, that isn’t the right approach for your relationship. Until and unless it is impossible, get in touch with your partner every three to four hours. It could be either a one-line message or a five-minute call. It’s a gentle reminder that you are always there on their mind, and this simple gesture won’t harm anyone…right?!


Do you keep a record of their past mistakes, and bring it up whenever you fight? Just trash this habit right now! It only disturbs your own peace of mind, and stops the growth of your relationship. Have got something that irks you? Share it with your partner, find a solution and get over it. As simple as that!


It’s good to be possessive for your partner but only to some extent. Give them their space, and let them have a life with their friends too. Stop torturing your mind with futile thoughts. You don’t need to check on them every hour, and have negative thoughts for no reason.

Instant aggression

This one is a real spoiler for any relationship. Instead of blowing out on your partner for every little thing that nags you, practice the art of patience. Think before spitting out those words that may dent your relationship. Plus, try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and imagine how it feels to be bombarded with aggression for something that requires mere a discussion.


Why assume things when you can ask directly. Assumptions involve a lot of imagination, and sometimes hinder facts. Whatever troubles you, it is wise (and logical) to talk it out with your partner, and heave a sigh of relief. Plus, it would make things more transparent, and in turn, make your relationship stronger.

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