7 reasons that prove arranged #marriages in #India have their own #merits

There is a never-ending debate over love marriage versus arranged marriage. While to most of the youth today, the idea of entering an arranged marriage may seem repulsive, the same has been working pretty well for many married couples in India.

It’s old school but yeah, it’s logical to some extent and has its own merits over the other route. So, if the thought of an arranged marriage sends shivers down your spine, this article is for you! Here are 7 pointers to justify that arranged marriages are equally cool to love marriages…

You guys are socially compatible

Since your families have arranged for the marriage, there is a high probability that your cultural background and social setup are quite similar. This makes it easy for the couple to be socially compatible. Ergo, the adjustment level lowers down a tad bit because you share almost the same lifestyle, upbringing, traditions, taste, moral values, et al. Plus, you have a lot of common things that help you strike a bond faster.

You don’t marry a person; you marry his/her entire family!
This is really true in the Indian society. You just don’t adjust, love, care and understand your spouse…you do it with his/her entire family, especially if you are a girl. So when you opt for an arranged marriage, you check the background, status, likes, dislikes of your spouse’s family too, and then take a call. But if it is a love marriage, you simply have to accept everything and adjust.

Expectation level is much lower

When you don’t know the person well enough, you take your time to understand him/her first and then set your expectations level. This eventually leads to a much stronger and pragmatic relationship. Oh yes, the case would be other way round if you are too Bollywood-esque and expect your partner to do all the stuff that you have watched in movies.

Your parents look after everything and choose the best option

There’s no doubt that our parents have seen the world more than us and are definitely wiser. They know what all it takes for a marriage to work, and what it is like to live with another family. Of course, it’s you who’s going to take the final call and your choice matters too, but little guidance from parents makes things practical.

Your family sends you on dates, imagine that!

This one is the most interesting point. You don’t need to hide or lie to your parents if you are going out with your partner. In fact, they themselves send you out on a date. It’s like ‘wait, what…whoa!’

Your in-laws already love you!

Since they have chosen you to be the eligible son/daughter in law, you are already a rockstar in their eyes! They would be more than willing to adjust with you, go extra mile to make you feel comfortable at home, and pamper you with their love. Beware, this all is not guaranteed in love marriages.

Oh, the courtship period and honeymoon!

This is probably the most exciting phase of anyone’s life. You guys are tying the knot in the next eight months and do not know much about each other. Plus, you’ll be a bit shy to discuss all the things that are bound to remain between you too…we guess you understand what we are talking about! Basically, courtship period is full of discoveries, anticipation, excitement, and butterflies literally hover 24X7 in your tummy.

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