Three #golden #rules to #water your #garden right

The most important element to have a beautiful, growing garden is to watering the plants. However, there is a way to do this correctly. Follow these watering tips for a nice green growing garden.

1. Water properly

Pour enough water so that it reaches the roots of the plant. This can be ensured when you see water draining out of the container into the saucer below.

2. Water at regular intervals

Keep a tab on which plant needs how much watering since there are some which can do without water for couple of days and for such plants you should avoid over watering. However, if it is a plant that needs daily watering and you avoid doing that then the soil becomes too dry which is not good for the plant’s growth.

3. Go with the seasons

Watering needs will change as per the seasons so summers means more water is needed for the plants while the cold and rainy season does not require much watering of plants.