Try going all natural while removing #makeup

If you regularly wear makeup, it is only too necessary to remove it without fail in the night. Finding the perfect make up remover can be quite a task, since you may find one of it is too oily or some might leave dark smudges from your eye makeup.

At times like this you want an all-natural make up removing solution which is also good news for extra sensitive skin. Here are some options for you to try out –

Olive oil: Just dab a bit of olive oil on cotton and wipe it all over your face and neck. It takes away all the traces of dirt and leaves your face all cleansed up.

Cucumber paste: We all know cucumber has cooling properties. So just pull out a cucumber from the fridge, grate it and blend it into a paste along with a teaspoon of almond oil. Rub it all over your face and wash off any residue with luke warm water.

Grapeseed oil: A slightly light oil which is also less sticky, it is an option when you want to first remove your make up and then apply a moisturiser before you tuck in into bed.


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