Get your #kit on

The first step towards being a well-groomed man is a good grooming kit. Here are the essentials that you need.

If you want to put your best face forward, it’s time to start building a good grooming kit. Image and grooming consultant and men’s grooming expert Yatan Ahluwalia calls the grooming kit a must-have for all men. “Just like women have ‘makeup must haves’, men need to have grooming products. While women have the advantage to use makeup to cover and conceal, with men – what you see is what you get. So, don’t shy away from following a grooming regimen,” he says.


A well-groomed look is needed for that all-important first impression. Corporate grooming expert and image consultant Sheena Agarwal says that most men have an idea of a basic grooming kit, but they usually compromise on quality. “Buying good-quality products and knowing what works for your skin type are the basic building blocks of a serviceable grooming kit,” she says. Her advice: stop borrowing from the women in your life, invest in your own products. Also, build a kit for travel purpose which has mini versions of the essentials.

Ahluwalia insists on buying and using products made and formulated for men, as their skin type is different from women and needs specialised care. According to him, all men must follow a grooming regimen that includes a face masque (for deep pore cleaning) once a week, face scrub (to remove dead skin) and an astringent (to remove excessive oil and grease) twice a week.

Bare essentials

What to carry in your grooming kit

  • Rehydrating cremes and moisturisers: Perfect after and during a long flight and at night
  • Cleansers: Keep an organic face masque, exfoliating scrub and alcohol free toner handy
  • Fragrances: Your favourite perfume and a trusted water-based deodorant
  • Sunscreen: SPF 30+ recommended
  • For hair: Carry a good gel, styling creme or hair wax. Combs and brushes, of course
  • Shaving: Electric razor, a razor and blades, shaving foam or gel
  • Oral care: Toothbrush, small toothpaste, maybe a small mouthwash too

-Use after-shave balms and not lotions. The after-shave lotion is overrated and isn’t as effective, plus takes up too much space in your kit.


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