Now, a #blood #test that can #detect #disease in its earliest stages

The researchers created microelectromechanical resonators that can detect biological markers in small amounts of blood that they believe could be used to detect a myriad of diseases.

The plate-style resonant sensors allow sensitive, inexpensive detection of biomarkers that can signify disease, illness or trauma.

Scientists have come up with a test, which they say could detect signs of a disease in its earliest stages.

The Purdue University researchers, including Jeffrey Rhoads, George Chiu and Eric Nauman, created microelectromechanical resonators, or small vibrating sensors, that can detect biological markers in small amounts of blood that they believe could be used to detect a myriad of diseases, infections and different medical conditions at early stages.

The plate-style resonant sensors allow sensitive, inexpensive detection of biomarkers that can signify disease, illness or trauma.

“The goal here is to find the disease so early that you can treat it without invasive surgery,” Rhoads said. “The test looks for a particular protein related to a disease, so you could use this for the detection of many different diseases.”

The sensors use a piezoelectrically actuated resonant microsystem, which when driven by electricity can sense a change in mass. The sensitivity of the resonator increases as the resonant frequency increases, making high-frequency resonators excellent candidates for biomarker detection, Rhoads said. The method also is much faster and less expensive than other types of medical tests.

Rhoads said they discovered a way to conduct the test that identifies a minute amount of protein in a very small amount of blood. One of the first uses for the test could be the early detection of traumatic brain injury in athletes, particularly high school football and soccer players.

Research into the effects of repeated head impacts on high school football players has shown changes in brain chemistry and metabolism even in players who have not been diagnosed with concussions, Nauman said.

The newly-developed test can detect minute amounts of proteins, including protein from glial cells, which surround neurons in the brain. The proteins are secreted in relatively high concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid of victims of traumatic brain injury. Prior studies have found that a small amount of fluid leaked through the blood-brain barrier and got into the bloodstream of victims.

The test also is inexpensive so a high school football team could do several mass screenings a season, Rhoads said. The test also could be used for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, Nauman said. “You can basically look for general neurodegeneration, not just in athletes.”

The researchers believe the test also could be used to detect countless other diseases. They are looking for licensees to use the test to search for other small amounts of protein that are early signs of disease. The paper is published in IEEE Sensors Letters.

#Childhood on the #platter

Take a trip down memory lane with these dishes inspired from the days gone by!

Have you ever noticed how your eyes light up when you notice the candy floss guy standing at the corner, reminding you of the days gone by when as a kid, you would pester your mother to buy you one? And now, when you don’t need permission, you never end up buying it! Well, food is a lot about making connections and our city chefs know that. Tanvi Choudhary, the founder of Papacream, tells us, “We wanted to create something on our menu that people can connect with, and create an experience that takes you down memory lane.” On Children’s Day, we suggest you get a taste of your childhood on the platter with these dishes that take you straight to the good ol’ days…

Dish: Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich

At: Bombay Brasserie

Description: A trio of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream sandwiched between Jim Jam, Nice and Bourbon biscuits. Go down memory lane when childhood was synonymous with wafer biscuits, jujubes, gems and chocolate sauce.

Price: ₹195

Dish: Jim Jam Macarons

At: Sassy Teaspoon

Description: The Jim Jam raspberry jam certainly has its place in nostalgia. So, how about having a macaron filled with raspberry flavoured butter cream, dusted with red velvet crumbs? Closest you can get to that taste!

Price: ₹55

Dish: Mobar Sundae Sandwich

At: Monkey Bar

Description: Does layers of cake, ice cream, nuts, Nutella, cream, jello and tutti-fruity seem like your childhood’s on the plate? Well, the Mobar Sundae Sandwich is just that, a multi-layered sandwich that’s delicious as sin!

Price: ₹200

Dish: Pop-O-Bar

At: Bar Bar

What happens when you give a savoury makeover to your all-time favourite choco-bar? The Pop-O-Bar! Taking the choco bar as inspiration, the good folks at Bar Bar have added an element of fun in it with crunchy roughly crushed salted caramel popcorn.

Price: ₹169

Dish: Old School Lollies

At: SpiceKlub

Description: How about a tempting mix of Bournvita and chocolate kulfis, specially when they are made on a stick at your table? That’s the Old School Lollies for you!

Price: ₹535

Dish: Jim Jam Ice Cream Sandwich and Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Float

At: Papacream

Description: Get a bite of childhood with the Jim Jam Ice Cream Sandwich, which is not only sandwiched between the biscuits, but the ice cream itself is Jim-Jam flavoured. The Hot Chocolate Ice Cream float is a take on what we have all loved having while growing up, the ice cream float but this time, with the added goodness of hot chocolate.

Price: ₹150 for both

Dish: Parle G Cheesecake

At: Farzi Cafe

Description: The ever-reliable Parle G has always been our go-to biscuit and this dessert is almost like a tribute to it. Put together with cream cheese and rabri, this one packs in loads of flavour with the sweet rabri, sour cheesecake and crunchy Parle-G flavour.

Price: ₹325

#War on #bitcoin? #Govt panel seeks #crackdown on #cryptocurrency #dealers in #India

To curb the use of cryptocurrencies in India, a government panel is said to have advised closing cryptocurrency dealers in India, ETNow reported on Thursday quoting agencies.

The decision has come at a time when cryptocurrency bitcoin has gained more currency, with US-based derivatives marketplace operator CME Group planning to offer bitcoin futures later this year. Market watchers called it a notable announcement that can open new doors for the world’s yield-hungry institutional investors.

The largest cryptocurrency traded at a record high of $6,938 on Thursday.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use rules of cryptography for regulation and generation of currency units.

Bitcoin is one of the oldest and most famous cryptocurrency in circulation around the world.

Trading of virtual currencies has increased globally and have given extraordinary returns. At present, Bitcoin is hovering around Rs 4.90 lakh mark in India against Rs 1.79 lakh where it had three months back on August 2, 2017.

Market experts believe banning cryptocurrency dealers or exchanges would not work.

Instead of closing cryptocurrency dealers, the government should take steps to curb buying and selling of bitcoins or cryptocurrencies in cash. This move can reduce illegalities in the country, says Hesham Rehman, CEO & Co-founder, Bitxoxo, a bitcoin exchange operating in India.

If exchanges come under the definition of dealers, then in case of closure of domestic cryptocurrency exchanges, buyers will start buying them from foreign exchanges, he said.

Rehman said providing suitable guidelines to bitcoin exchanges could help exchanges and buyers of the currency. Exchanges had earlier requested the government to penalise individuals who are trading in it using cash.

According to reports, the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies hit a record high of around $184 billion on November 1, according to industry website Coinmarketcap, making their reported market value worth around the same as that of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley combined.

Lower return given by other asset classes including real estate and gold is one of the other reasons that helped increasing volumes of cryptocurrencies in the recent past.

#WhatsApp ‘#Delete for #Everyone’ #feature rolls out #globally: Here’s how to use

WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ is easy to use. Just keep in mind the you can recall messages within seven minutes, and no longer than that.

WhatsApp has officially rolled out ‘Delete for everyone’ feature globally for Android, iOS, and Windows users. It lets people delete sent messages, including media within seven minutes of sending them. For ‘Delete for everyone’ to work, both sender and recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp app. The feature is quite useful when it comes to recalling messages that contain a mistake, have been accidentally sent, or were meant for someone else. It works for individual as well as group chats.

WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ is easy to use. Just keep in mind the you can recall messages within seven minutes, and no longer than that. Both recipient and sender will get a notification when messages get successfully deleted. However, people won’t be notified if deleting message for everyone was unsuccessful. In this case, the receiver might see or read your message.

To get started, just tap and hold the message that you want to delete, in chat window. Next, choose Delete from the menu. You can select multiple messages to delete for everyone as well. Finally tap ‘Delete for Everyone’ and you’re done. Once message is deleted for everyone, you will get a message that reads, “You deleted this message.” The recipient, on the other hand, will get a notification saying, “This message was deleted.”

“Messages you successfully delete for everyone will be replaced with “This message was deleted” in your recipients’ chats (*). Similarly, if you see “This message was deleted” in a chat, it means that the sender deleted their message for everyone,” read WhatsApp blog post.

WhatsApp’s ‘Delete for everyone’ was anticipated for quite some time now. The Facebook-owned company was previously testing the feature, and it was said to remotely enable it for users. Deleting message for everyone should come as a relief to people who have a habit of mistakenly sending messages to wrong contacts when in a hurry.