12 #signs that you may be a #sex #addict

Sex addiction is a legitimate addiction but it still remains beyond exact diagnosis. Current studies only point to certain symptoms and signs which indicate an inclination towards addiction but it takes a lot more than mere symptoms to assign the label to someone. Here, we have a list of 12 signs which may indicate a tendency towards sex addiction.

#1 Sex is always on your mind

Quite an obvious point but people tending towards sex addiction have an unhealthy preoccupation with sex. Everything is about sex with them and they can actually connect almost every situation to sex.

#2 Even the slightest trigger can bother you

Such is their preoccupation with sex that even the slightest of triggers can get them worked up and horny. Simple things like women in bikini or a hunk on a calendar (for example) can get them excited and ready to go.

#3 You rarely find something deviant in sex

There are very few things that cross the line for them when it comes to sex. BDSM? Fine. Bondage? Cool. Orgies? Wonderful. So on and so forth. They really accept almost all deviancies as normal and there are very few things that bother them.

#4 You may even exploit others for sex

Sex dominates so much of their thoughts that it has a firm grip on their behavior as well. The hedonism is really strong in them and they would gladly exploit others for their pleasure (see Harvey Weinstein for example). Morality is really not something worth their time.

#5 You have sex with no responsibilities or consequences

They just like sex, pure and simple. They are not bothered by the consequences or the responsibilities that may come with sex (pregnancy, relationship issues etc.). They love the physical act and they have all the sex they can.

#6 You tend towards exhibitionism

Sex shapes so much of their behavior that they do not even feel anything odd about nudity in public. They like exhibiting themselves and not in a good way. Things like public flashing, unsolicited nude pics in messages etc. are some of the common ways in which they let it out.

#7 Your sex ideas keep getting weirder and weirder

Their ideas about sex keep getting weirder by the day. It may start with normal sex, move on to orgies and before they know it, they are trying all kinds of different things. It’s like being on drugs, the intake requirements keep getting higher.

#8 You like voyeurism

Voyeurism becomes one of their favorite things. They take extreme pleasure in peeping into other people’s lives, especially their sex lives. They like being in the shadows and observing others subtly and without getting caught.

#9 Your relationships keep getting into trouble

The result of addiction definitely reflects in their relationships. They keep getting into trouble with their partners regarding one thing or the other and they usually do not last long in a relationship. Any addiction, in fact, has negative effects on people’s relationships.

#10 Porn and masturbation are your two best friends

Porn is available easily and freely to most of us. People tending towards sex addiction are hooked on their systems for this service. They love their porn and their masturbation frequency could be horrifying for others. It’s like they have no control over this, which is true also.

#11 You hate yourself

People who take this to its limits usually end up hating themselves for this kind of behavior. They know how much they have lost and how addicted they feel and the fact that they cannot control it anymore makes them feel incredibly miserable.

#12 You feel powerless in front of temptation

The temptation is intense for them. When confronted with even the slightest triggers, they start losing all control. This feeling of helplessness and powerlessness could be disturbing and people start feeling depressed after a particular point.