10 common #foods that are #natural #painkillers

1. Natural painkillers in your kitchen!

Our kitchen has an answer to most of our health ailments. In fact, the saying that food can both heal and kill you is right to a great extent. If chosen mindfully, your food can hold solution to several common health conditions. In fact, eating right is the key to well being. While we have seen our grand moms applying turmeric on our sore muscles and clove oil to soothe tooth ache, there is a whole list of foods that can actually be a panacea when it comes to pain. These natural pain killers can be very comforting if you know the right way to use them. And you don’t even have to take pain-killers that do more harm than good to your body. Have a look at the following foods that act as natural pain killers and use them to heal yourself.

2. Ginger

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can help in preventing arthritis pain, stomach ache, muscle soreness, chest pain and menstrual pain.

3. Coffee

Caffeine present in coffee acts as a pain killer that helps in reducing sensitivity to pain. It also helps in eliminating migraine.

4. Clove

Cloves contain a powerful natural anesthetic eugenol which works as a natural remedy for tooth aches and gum pain.

5. Cherries

Cherries have high leves of antocyanin and bioflavonoids which are responsible for anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect.

6. Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is known to alleviate symptoms of bloating, inflammation and pain. The healthy bacteria in yogurt eases digestion and provides relief from abdominal pain.

7. Soy

Soy contains ‘isoflavones’ which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate arthritis pain and relive symptoms of osteoarthritis.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric is a natural pain killer to ease toothaches, chronic pain and back pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in alleviating joint, muscular pain and swelling.

9. Salt

A saline solution helps dehydrate the body cells and thus provides relief from pains and aches.

10. Peppermint

Peppermint is known for its therapeutic properties as it helps in relieving indigestion, muscular pain, toothache, headache and pain in nerves.

11. Red grapes

They contain an antioxidant compound called resveratrol that helps in preventing joint and back pain.


Has #India just beaten #China in the #Doklam #conflict?

The decision by India and China to disengage in the Doklam conflict, which has been lingering on for more than two months, is certainly India’s win over a bullying neighbour. Yet, it could be a ploy for another Chinese move in future. Why?

China’s erosion of authority

China had been telling India to withdraw its troops from Doklam before any dialogue. India had asked for withdrawal of troops on both sides. Now that China has agreed to what India had wanted, the development will be construed as China’s submission to Indian will. It is noteworthy that China tried every threat to bully India — from starting a war to sponsoring insurgency within India.

These threats make the Chinese climbdown very significant. China has been a dominant force in the Asia-Pacific region for a long time. It has often deployed its military power to achieve economic ends. But the climbdown will erode its regional supremacy.

The message that goes to smaller countries is that China might not back its threats with substantial action. While the Chinese retreat can encourage smaller countries to look it in the eye, it will also give India an aura of a regional power. Many countries used to choose China over India. But now India can get equal treatment as it pushes its ‘Act East’ policy.

China cannot live with the shame

Effectively, disengagement means China has been beaten back by India. The message that goes out to the world will hit Chinese interests badly. Disengagement will harm China’s plan to increase its economic footprint to Africa and Europe, through its ambitious One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, and its search for military bases in far-flung areas.

So far China combined its military and economic might to achieve its global ends. The Doklam climbdown chips at its image of a powerful country. The whole affair paints China as a bully who barks but cannot bite.

China cannot live with this image downgrade. This will seriously impede its plans for global economic domination by partnering with dozens of smaller countries and then turning into mere colonies by bullying them into submission.

That’s why its Doklam climbdown can be a pretext for some more sinister act. It can choose to strike again in some other area. It can find a more strategic way of offending India. It can even devise an aggression where India becomes more vulnerable.

Credit: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/has-india-just-beaten-china-in-the-doklam-conflict/articleshow/60256870.cms

#Super #cool #nail #art #ideas for short #nails

Sporting a perfect manicure with immaculate nails and an eye catching design can never go out of style. Celebrities swear by this. So, no matter how stunning your outfit is, nail art can make or break your look. Although they’re a small part of our body, nails have the ability to add that extra oomph to your persona. And no, you don’t need to have insane extensions or super complex designs to get the perfect set of nails. It’s about time people realize that beautiful nail art can be achieved on short nails as well! The idea that only people with long nails can get nail art is plain stupid.

Yes, longer nails provide more surface area to the nail technicians to express their creativity and the same becomes difficult on short nails. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Adapting to a fast-pacedmodern lifestyle means we’re always short on time. Lesser time means less maintenance and less maintenance means short nails.

Let’s face it, who has the time to make regular trips to the nail salon in case of any emergency. Shortnails are easy to maintain, more practical when it comes to following your daily routine and as versatile as long nails.

Examine your nails

Before you head out to the nail spa, have a good look at your nails. Please don’t take badly bitten nails, destroyed cuticles or jagged nails to the salon. Before you plan anything, make sure you get a good manicure from the salon itself or a DIY can work too. Although, if you’re not a pro at filing or cutting your nails, then it’s best to rely on professionals. Next, give your nails a symmetric shape, by filing them a little. It’s also a good idea to get your cuticles pushed back, this helps in increasing surface creating more surface area especially on small nails.

What to do

There are many designs to choose from. You’re bound to go crazy and won’t be able to pick any one!

French tip manicure with a twist

Give your classic manicure a twist by adding a layer of clear glitter nail paint as a topcoat or at the tip. A French manicure looks super classy no matter how short or long the nails are. By adding a layer of glitter polish you would be adding a fresh spin to the classic.

Spongebob or Pooh?

Nostalgia can get the best of us to go looking for our special blanket and curling up on the sofa to watch our favorite cartoons. Why not relive your favorite childhood cartoons? Bring them to life by getting cute nail art of your favorite characters. These face designs look superb on short nails. You can follow the theme of your favorite show or you could get different characters on each nail.

Striped like candy

Super cute and super easy. Candy stripes are hard to mess up. You can team up colors like pale pink, powder blue, lilac, teal or a soft plum with white. The combinations are endless, you go for the one matching your vibe.

Embrace the season

Match your nails to the season. Try a season specific design, like pineapples and lemons for summer or pretty reddish brown leaves for autumn or maybe a bright floral pattern for spring. Keep the base coat white and outline the shapes in black to really bring out the design.

The new French manicure

Add yet another twist to the classic manicure by switching the tips. Instead of painting each tip a boring white, you could paint them in different shades to quirk up the classic you could even choose two different tip shades and apply them at a diagonal angle instead of stick straight. Lastly, remember to keep the base a neutral color to really bring out your nails.

Nudes and neutrals

Keeping it simple should be your mantra if you like to try out a lot of different outfits but can’t always match your nails to them. No matter what the season, fashion or mood, they go with everything. Nudes and neutrals in pinks, beige, cream or browns are the best options. You can have them in a matte or glossy finish, depending on your look.


Who said synthetic gemstones, rhinestones and crystals only belong on long nails? Bring the bling by trying out this look. You have 2 options to choose from-

First, if you want to go for a minimalistic look then just get some stones added to the half-moon of your cuticles. Subtle and beautiful.

Second, if you want to go crazy with super bling and sparkly nails for a special occasion then get some 3D Embellishments like rhinestone, shapes or any synthetic sparkly stones.

Keeping it classic

Want a subtle low maintenance manicure for an everyday office wear. Go for the classic red or burgundy. They’re simple but look on point! You can also go for a matte or glossy finish in this as well.


Just like your hair, your nails too can have an ombre look. Instead of getting an ombre on every nail, go for an ombre where the deepest shade is applied to the thumb and the lightest to the pinky finger. The shades keep getting lighter as they move from the thumb to the pinky. Opt for colors like orange, blue, black-gray or pinks.

Holographic design

The super cool design can be done in a variety of colors and gives a cool sci-fi or futuristic feel to your nails. This crazy design gives an illusion of rainbows as it is extremely reflective.


Why restrict graffiti to the walls when your nails can be used as well. The Graffiti nail art includes specs and multicoloured hexes which make your nails look super chic. Definitely worth a try!

 Now that you know the worth and versatility of short nails, nothing should stop you from rushing to your nearest salon and trying out a new look.

#JIO #Phone #Tracking #Order #Status & #Delivery #Date – Check Using #Booking #Token #Number

JIO Phone Tracking Order Status & Delivery Date – Check Using Booking Token Number (Pickup Store Name, Address) : Those Who Registered JIO Phone through Online in jio website and Myjio app can check their JIO Phone Delivery Status through my booking tab. Read the Below Process to track the order status and pick up jio store name and address respectively.

Recently Reliance Jio has introduced the JioPhone and Ordered the mobiles from august 24th. The Reliance Jio has already opened the pre-booking of this 4G Feature phone on Independence Day. A large number of people have booked the Jio Phone and waiting to receive the mobile. Customers who book the JioPhone can track their order. Today we shall see the complete process to track the JioPhone Order. Jio mobile order tracking is simple and absolutely there will be no strain.

JioPhone Order Online Tracking

JioPhone was launched with 4G VoLTE support, free unlimited voice calls, and free SMS. To register this phone, customers to pay the refundable deposit amount of Rs 1500 including GST. The Jio 4G Feature phone comes with the microphone, camera, headset, speaker, NFC Support, wifi connectivity, SD Card, detachable battery, and dual SIM Card.

The phone has grabbed the attention of a large number of users and a huge number of people have ordered for JioPhone on jio.com. The mobile will be shipped in the month of September for pre-ordered customers. So, people those have placed the order for JioPhone can track their order by following the JioPhone Tracking online process explained here.

Steps to track Jio Phone Order status Online ?

  • Click this Jio Phone Tracking link Or if you Book in Jio website or myjio app you can check in my bookings tab after successful booking.
  • Enter your order number
  • And click on submit button
  • That’s it! Your Jiophone online shipping details will be displayed on the screen.

Click Here:  JIO Phone Tracking Status (Official Link Update Soon)

On availability of JioPhone, you will receive an SMS with store details. To know the status of your voucher, please call 18008908900 from the mobile number submitted during JioPhone booking.

Once If you find tracking status, in that they will mention your jio phone Delivery Date and Pickup store address and location according to token number. and Those who book in offline should bring Aadhar card while booking and at the time of delivery also. Only one phone for one aadhar card.

Note : As per Some Reliable Sources, we have given. Official procedure Will be Updated Soon. Stay Here and Book Jio Phone Here.