5 must have games to show off your Nexus 5’s performance

Now that you have the Nexus 5, the only obvious thing to do is to install these graphically amazing games to make your friends jealous.

5 must have games to show off your Nexus 5's performance

5 must have games to show off your Nexus 5’s performance

So, you have the Nexus 5 with you or are waiting for the slowpokes at Google to deliver it to your doorstep. What’s next? Yes, you could go down the mundane route and use it for the regular stuff: social networking, emails, messaging and on and on and on. Or, you could get into the mood of the season and jump into next-gen gaming, but with your Nexus 5 phone instead of a PC, Xbox or Playstation.

Want your Nexus 5’s 5-inch HD IPS display to ooze graphics and the Adreno 330 GPU to scream bloody mayhem? And as a wonderful side effect, get all your iPhone-toting pals jealous while they fiddle around on a tiny screen? Then, download these five games from the Play Store immediately.
Shadowrun Returns
Price: Rs. 436
Size: 366MB
Based on the popular table-top role-playing game and a successor to a bunch of video games released over the last three decades, Shadowrun Returns is the perfect way to spend time on your Nexus 5 if you’re a fan of fantasy games with a generous helping of Fallout and Deus Ex. Shadowrun Returns excels graphically with the help of large gorgeous environments that have a lot going on in them (flickering lights, fog, rain etc.) and will definitely look amazing on the 5-inch screen.
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing
Price: Rs. 107
Size: 451MB
The original ‘endless-runner’, Sonic the Hedgehog has surprisingly not achieved a whole lot of fame on mobiles, which should actually be the perfect platform for him to show off his blazing speeds. That should change with All-Stars Racing, a game in which Sonic races against 12 other popular video game characters across 25 tracks in different vehicles (I know, a little pointless). The game is colourful and packed to the brim with effects and razzmatazz that will pop on your Nexus 5’s IPS display.
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Size: 1.3GB
One more year walks in and another FIFA game accompanies it through the door. We would have a problem with these annual iterations if they weren’t of the best quality, but they are. In fact the FIFA games have long remained the best way to get your football fix on the PC and consoles. Thankfully, EA has done a great job with FIFA on the phones too. Once you download FIFA 14 on your Nexus 5 you will notice that the phone’s hardware delivers top-notch performance and the screen is perfect to maintain absolute control over the players of your favourite team.
Sine Mora
Price: Rs. 186
Size: 291MB
Sine Mora is probably the most visually stunning game on this list. Originally released last year for the PC and consoles, the game was finally released for mobile devices this year…and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The game already looks amazing on the larger screens, so you can only imagine how beautifully it will grace your Nexus 5’s display. Plus, the game is a shoot ‘em up where you control an aircraft on a 2D plane in a 3D environment and is quite suited for touch controls.
Modern Combat 4
Price: Rs. 390
Size: 2GB
Modern Combat is not the most innovative or unique game out there, and it has in fact been ‘inspired’ by the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare titles. Modern Combat, like its name suggests, Modern Combat is an all-out action game in the FPS genre. The explosions and the visual flair that you’d expect from a title such as this translate really well on the Nexus 5’s display. Another surprising aspect are the game’s touch controls which also work smoothly on the Nexus 5.


BlackBerry denies rumor mill suggestions about Google Play Store on BB10

The company has not released any statement to the rest of the media, but the Crackberry forum is suggesting that the company did give them a formal statement.
BlackBerry denies rumor mill suggestions about Google Play Store on BB10
The rumor mill had been at work again, the last few days, when they seemed to suggest that the Google Play Store will arrive on BlackBerry 10.2 update. However, BlackBerry have responded to those rumors on the Crackberry forums, clearly stating that this is not the case. There seemed to be multiple leaked screenshots of BlackBerry 10.2 running what seemed to be the Google Play Store, integrated within the BlackBerry OS.

“There is no planned support for Google Play on BlackBerry. BlackBerry World remains the primary source for trusted and curated BlackBerry applications and we continue to support open standards and open source tools so BlackBerry developers can continue to create great apps on any of the development platforms we support.”

It is clear that the leaked shots aren’t an indicator of the future, at least the near future. While it would obviously be nice to get another window for apps on a BlackBerry device, anyone wanting Android apps still need to take the side-loading route.

Source: CrackBerry


Sygic navigation app for Android goes free; continues using MapmyIndia maps

The app was available for Rs 1399 till now, but can now be downloaded for free via Google Play Store.

Sygic navigation app for Android goes free; continues using MapmyIndia maps

Sygic, the leading offline mobile navigation brand, has announced that the India edition of the Sygic navigation app for Android has now gone free. The price of this app, till now, was Rs 1399. The application continues to use MapmyIndia’s 3D maps, and offers voice guided navigation via maps that may be stored on the device. The advantage of this is that if you have GPS connectivity, the navigation will work, since it doesn’t rely on Internet connectivity for constant map refreshes. You can read the detailed review of this app here

The Sygic app offers turn-by-turn voice navigation, 3D maps of cities and landscapes provided by Mapmyindia, voice guidance in more than 40 languages, multi-stop route planning, speed limit warning and interactive maps that you can tap on to find more information about the addresses and landmarks in the area.

“By making our advanced navigation app available to millions of users for free, Sygic is helping countries like India become a safer, more enjoyable place to travel,” said Sygic CEO Michal Štencl. “With Sygic’s offlineapp and MapmyIndia Maps, users can now take advantage of a robust set of tools that can help them effectively manage their travel plans and get them where they need to go confidently, and more efficiently.”


The Sygic application is available for most Android running Android 2.0.1 and upwards, including smartphones and tablets. You can download it from the Play Store here.

Best quad-core Android smartphones under Rs. 15,000 (August 2013)

Here are six Android smartphones worth considering for a budget of Rs. 15,000.

Best quad-core Android smartphones under Rs. 15,000 (August 2013)

It’s that time of the month again when we list out our recommendation of smartphones for a particular price. Since smartphones under Rs. 15,000 is considered a budget device, they bring a slew of impressive features but compromises on others. Here we list for you a series of smartphones that deliver a good package deal to the users.

We think the following six Android smartphones are your best options if price is your biggest concern. The smartphones have been listed in the ascending order of price. Take a look:

1. Zen Ultrafone HD

Price: Rs. 11,999

The Zen Ultrafone 701HD is a very good buy especially considering that it’s less expensive than both the Micromax Canvas HD and the XOLO Q1000, and provides equal, if not better, performance and specifications in almost all departments. The 5-inch 720p display is vibrant and good for consuming multimedia content. Thanks to the MediaTek SoC, the smartphone is a good performer and can run almost all the apps you throw at it from the Google Play store. The rear of the smartphone has a black matte finish making it look really classy. Put simply, for the price you pay, you get one good-looking smartphone.

Some other noteworthy specs that the Ultrafone 701HD include an 8MP rear camera and a 3.2MP front camera, 4GB of built-in storage expandable up to 32GB via a microSD card. A 2000mAh battery powers the entire package.

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2. Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro

Price: Rs. 12,500

If you are looking for a smartphone with a good camera and good power under the hood (with some security features thrown into the mix) then the Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro should be at the top of your list. It has a quad-core processor, which is great. It has the maximum built-in storage at 16GB when compared to the competition and the only downside to the device is the display resolution.

The preloaded slew of apps is actually worth it on this smartphone. The device also has a whopping 2550mAh battery powering it. In terms of other specifications, the smartphone has the MediaTek MT6589 chipset with a quad-core CPU and 1GB RAM. The rear has an 8MP shooter and the front has a 5MP camera, both of which perform well.

Read the full review of the Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535

3. Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Price: Rs. 13,449

The Micromax Canvas HD continues to remain one of the best budget smartphones available in the market. The smartphone is ideal for those that are on a tight budget and want a raw Android experience to install custom ROM’s on. The Canvas HD’s 5-inch IPS display is one of the best that you’ll find at this price. It also has a good battery life, courtesy the 2000mAh battery. The performance is good too due to the 1.2GHz quad-core processor. The Canvas HD also has an impressive 8MP camera. The build of the smartphone is good too. The Canvas HD is simply one of the best budget phones you can buy today.

The Micromax Canvas HD also boasts of dual-SIM capabilities, Android Jelly Bean OS and a 2MP front-facing camera. On the downside, it has a mere 1.77GB built-in storage expandable to 32GB using microSD cards.

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4. Videocon A55 HD

Price: Rs. 13,490

The Videocon A55HD falls in the category of your run-of-the-mill quad-core budget Android smartphone running on the MediaTek MT6589 SoC. What the smartphone brings to the table are good looks, decent build and a smooth touchscreen. On the downside the performance of the camera is average. The preloaded apps are nothing to boast about. Real Racing 3 didn’t run on the other MediaTek powered smartphones, but it surprisingly ran on the Videocon A55HD and that is impressive.

For its specifications, the smartphone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 5-inch 720p IPS display, 4GB built-in storage expandable up to 32GB via a microSD card.

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5. XOLO Q1000

Price: Rs. 14,999

The XOLO Q1000 is a good value for money smartphone. Its 5-inch IPS display is not only large but is also great for displaying all types of content and has really good viewing angles. The build, despite being made of plastic is sturdy. The XOLO is also very usable thanks to the fact that it opts for the raw Android 4.2 interface. If you’re in the market for a large-screened Android smartphone under Rs. 15,000, you won’t go wrong with the XOLO Q1000.

For its specifications, the XOLO Q1000 boasts of dual-SIM capabilities, a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 8MP rear camera coupled with a 1.2MP front-facing camera, 2100mAh battery, 4GB of built-in storage expandable up to 32GB via a microSD card and 1GB of RAM.

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6. XOLO Play T1000

Price: Rs. 14,999

If playing games on the go is an absolute requirement and you are looking for a smartphone around the Rs. 15,000 budget, then the XOLO Play T1000 is the go-to device for you. Its gaming performance is better than the MediaTek-powered smartphones available. This is the only smartphone on this list that isn’t powered by the MediaTek SoC. Rather, it is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset. The device also comes preloaded with a bunch of power management apps to ensure the device gives you a good battery life. The overall performance of the smartphone is really good too. It has a simple yet sturdy design and a comfortable UI.

The XOLO Play has a 4.7-inch 720p display and is really well build. The rubberized back adds to the grip of the smartphone. It has 4GB built-in storage expandable up to 32GB via a microSD card. The rear has an 8MP camera and the front has a 2MP camera. A 2000mAh battery powers the package.

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Top 10 New Free Android Games

We dug deep in the Google Play Store to bring you new action, arcade, and strategy games for Android. Hope you discover some cool new free games!

1.Eden to Green

top new android games eden to green

Eden to Green is a casual-strategy game developed by Zynga. Aliens have come and destroyed all of the natural resources of Eden, and there are only small plants and trees left. Eden can only survive if it has Europhia, the natural energy. Players will need to create an army of plants and fight against the alien machines to restore Eden. Choose between Expansion, Offensive, and Defensive plants to execute your counter-attack against the machines in over 70 different maps. Eden to Green is an addictive and fast-paced filled with over 40 plants and trees. You can download Eden to Garden from the Google Play Store here.

2. Pocket League Story 2

top new android games pocket league story 2

Pocket League Story 2 is the sequel to Pocket League Story by Kairosoft Co, Ltd, the developers of the ever popular Game Dev Story.In this game, players will scout out promising coaches and players, and will build the perfect dream team, to lead to international soccer stardom. A multiplayer mode in beta testing allows users to go head-to-head with players from around the world. Challenge friends and try to earn some extra bonus points. Build a fan base, and connect with corporate sponsors. Take on some of the best teams in the world and play in rain, snow, and more. You can download Pocket League Story 2 from the Google Play Store here.

3. Fishing Game

top new android games fishing games

Fishing Game is a sports game developed by Super Entertaining. Play as a small fish alone in the ocean, and help him survive through the dangerous waters. Be sure to avoid enemies, otherwise you will get eaten! Simply tap the screen and move your fingers around and eat as much small fish as you can to grow. You can download Fishing Game from the Google Play Store here.

4. Retroid

top new android games retroid

Retroid is a new arkanoid arcade game by Tauriss. Players will need to test their skills to see if they can break all the bricks in over 15 levels per episode. The gameplay is retro style, the graphics are fun, and the music so groovy! Retroid is by far one of the best brick breaker games for Android. You can download Retroid from the Google Play Store here.

5. Rivals at War: 2084

top new android games rivals at war: 2084

Rivals at War: 2084 is an action game developed by HotHead Games. Humanity discovered alien technology, and now the universe is opening up, giving more space between the planets. Forces around the solar system now need to battle for supremacy. Players must rise and become a leader to fight against invaders. Recruit commanders and soldiers and plot conquest of the galaxy across 75 different planets. Each planet offers a different mission and reward. Complete a mission, and you will unlock the next. Challenge your Facebook friends and go to war. You can download Rivals at War: 2084 from the Google Play Store here.

6. Empire Four Kingdoms

top new android games empire four kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a new strategy game developed by Goodgame Studios.
Players will construct fortresses, fight enemies, and establish a flourishing economy. Equip troops with numerous weapons, upgrade your castle and make it invincible, and gather resources and boost your economy. Go on exciting adventures and increase your wealth and fame. Explore four different kingdoms and compete with thousands of other players. You can download Empire: Four Kingdoms from the Google Play Store here.

7. Busy Beaver

top new android games busy beaver

Busy Beaver is a tetris-style arcade game developed by Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski. Players will need to collect as many pieces as they can to earn points. Gain superpowers by collecting flour identical pieces in a row. The game play is fast-paced, so try not to let blocks fall on your head! Have fun competing with your friends and make your way to the top of the leaderboards. You can download Busy Beaver from the Google Play Store here.

8. Kavinksy

top new android games kavinsky

Kavinsky, album producer of ‘Outrun,’ has released the first video game ever based on a music record. Defeat villains and shady night creatures as you wander down the main streets of Downtown L.A. Use your best martial arts movies, and deadly weapons, all while listening to the soundtrack. Players also get to drive Kavinsky’s car and speed to outrun opponents. Bonus levels can be played with the camera on your device and augmented reality technology. The gameplay is engaging, and the artwork is incredible. You can download Kavinsky from the Google Play Store here.

9. Skater California

top new android games skater california

Skater California is a new skating game from Skater Skate. Players can choose from 6 different characters, and skate their way through 100 challenging levels. Test your skills and have fun riding hills, railings, ramps, and jumps, while listening to hip-hop music. Collect trophies and coins to unlock new levels. Bonuses include new decks, trucks, and wheels. You can download Skater California from the Google Play Store here.

10. Space Hero

top new android games space hero

Space Hero is the latest game from FT Games. Jump from planet to planet, and defeat evil monsters along the way. Use power-ups to take your score into the next dimension. Kill as many evil monsters as you can, and make your way to the leaderboards. If you run out of energy, the game will be over, so move fast! Space Hero is fun and extremely addicting. You can download Space Hero from the Google Play Store here.

BitTorrent Sync now available for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows

BitTorrent Sync app arrives for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux as a secure file sharing platform.

BitTorrent Sync now available for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows

BitTorrent Sync has now entered public beta and is available for download for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. The app allows you to synchronise your files across all devices and share them with your friends and family.

BitTorrent Sync has a peer to peer protocol that allows you to move files directly from one device to another without using an insecure intermediary. The files transferred are encrypted and only those people who have the ‘secret key’ can access the shared files.

The app further allows you to create ‘read-only secrets’ that are ideal for sharing materials with your colleagues and ‘one-time secrets’ that can be used only once. It has Sync pops that can scanned quickly to access your files from your mobile devices.

Sync has also added some advanced features called ‘Sync Archive’ which is like a basic versioning system so the user can access deleted and old versions of files. It also has one-way synchronization that allows the user to push files somewhere, without replicating any changes made to the files.

It has also added ‘Mobile support’ which allows the user access to files and folders across platforms whether Linux, Android, Windows or iOS. The BitTorrent Sync app is very cool and allows your to sync photos between your smartphone and PC or between your home and office PCs. Users don’t have to go through Dropbox or YouSendIt to share files/folders with friends or colleagues.

The BitTorrent app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux from labs.bittorrent.com and for Android platform from Google Play.

Source: Slashgear

Larry Page: 900+ million Android phones worldwide; activating 1.5 million a day

The big boss talks about a lot of numbers, during the earnings’ call, but Google seems to be on target to see the one billionth Android device activated by the end of the year.

Larry Page: 900+ million Android phones worldwide; activating 1.5 million a day

Google has some rather impressive numbers to share. And share it did, in the earnings’ call for this quarter. The company reports $14 billion revenue, for the quarter ending in June, which is up a massive 19% over the same quarter last year. But these are the numbers that Android fans would be waiting for – Larry Page reports that there are now 900+ million Android phones globally, and that number is being added to on a daily basis to the tune of 1.5 million. Considering those are the number of daily activations that Android is witnessing on a daily basis, the company is on line with the target of the billionth activation by the end of the year.

Page also talked about the proverbial explosion on the Play Store. Over 50 billion apps have been downloaded from the Google Play Store, and the company reports that it paid out more to developers in the 6 months this year, than the whole of 2012.

The recently updated UI of the web version of the Google Play Store

The other talking point was the Chrome web browser. Launched just 4 years back, it already has clocked 750 million users worldwide.

Larry Page also talked about Google Maps and the updates it received, “This quarter we completely revamped our maps UI.  The map is the screen, with no clutter around the edges.  There’s more information about your surroundings, so it’s easier to explore.  And we’ve launched a new, improved navigation feature—with notifications about incidents before you leave, and updates to save time if traffic conditions change.  Best of all, this new maps experience is now available on almost  all devices you’d be likely to use.”

The company also mentioned the updates Google+ received, particularly the way it handled photographs, the launch of the Hangouts messaging app and that Knowledge Graph search is now now available in 29 languages. All in all, a fairly busy quarter for Google!

+Larry Page