Google celebrated 15th birthday, updated search engine

Google introduces Hummingbird update for its search engine on its 15th Birthday.

Google celebrates 15th birthday, updates search engine

Google celebrates 15th birthday, updates search engine

Google has added an interactive piñata doodle that releases virtual sweets when wacked for its 15th Birthday. Along with the Doodle, Google has also introduced a major update to its core search engine, the update has been branded Hummingbird.

According to Google, this change to the core algorithm is its biggest since the launch of Caffeine in 2010. To celebrate its birthday, the company invited a small number of reporters to the Menlo Park garage where the company started out and revealed out some new search features of the Hummingbird update.

According to the company, in the new update, Google’s Knowledge Graph will play a larger role. That means users will be able to do more personalized searches using more natural sounding sentences instead of key words.

Amit Singhal, senior vice president of search, stated that the latest “Hummingbird” algorithm was introduced about a month ago and affects about 90 percent of worldwide searches via Google. He added, that the change includes “a simpler, more unified design on mobile devices. You can explore the world with the Knowledge Graph, ask questions aloud with voice search, and get info before you even need to ask with Google Now.”

“You’ll also notice a new look and feel for Google Search and ads on your phones and tablets. It’s cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for,” he stated.

For fun, Google has added a simple Easter egg on where users can type “Google in 1998” into the search field and the website will transform into the retro design it had 15 years ago when it first launched. Users can click on the “take me back to 2013” to get the modern-day Google.

Google has recently introduced a flatter new logo. The revamped logo has a flatter look with cleaner line and comes with a new navigation bar. Google has also added a new ‘app launcher bar’ that allows users to quickly access Google services like Gmail and Google+.

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Google updates definition in Search with sample sentences, synonyms and more

Now Google search users get the word definition, sample sentences, synonymous, spoken response and lots more.

Google updates definition in Search with sample sentences, synonyms and more

Google updates definition in Search with sample sentences, synonyms and more

Google has rolled out a small yet nifty update to Search, improving the dictionary definitions. In addition to the traditional word definition, Search shows sample sentences, translations, synonyms, spoken responses for words and links to sites such as Wikipedia,, for further information.

“You may be familiar with using Google to find definitions, like [define fortuitous]. We’ve recently updated this feature on on desktop and mobile to give you more information about these words beyond just their definition,” says Google in a post.

“Now you’ll also see sample sentences that highlight how the word is used, as well as synonyms. If you tap the microphone on your Google Search app, you’ll hear answers spoken back when you ask questions like “What’s the definition of fortuitous?” and “What are synonyms for fortuitous?”

Google also allows users to translate words to more than 60 languages directly from the box. Also, users can set a default language that will ensure future definition searches appear to that particular language.

The latest update from Google is part of many efforts to build a massive database on a wide range of subjects. Google is already bolstering its Knowledge Graph, which is supposed to make search engine faster and easier to search information. Google provides similar other features like currency conversions, nutrition data, unit conversions, translations, dates, times, and facts, and more.

Larry Page: 900+ million Android phones worldwide; activating 1.5 million a day

The big boss talks about a lot of numbers, during the earnings’ call, but Google seems to be on target to see the one billionth Android device activated by the end of the year.

Larry Page: 900+ million Android phones worldwide; activating 1.5 million a day

Google has some rather impressive numbers to share. And share it did, in the earnings’ call for this quarter. The company reports $14 billion revenue, for the quarter ending in June, which is up a massive 19% over the same quarter last year. But these are the numbers that Android fans would be waiting for – Larry Page reports that there are now 900+ million Android phones globally, and that number is being added to on a daily basis to the tune of 1.5 million. Considering those are the number of daily activations that Android is witnessing on a daily basis, the company is on line with the target of the billionth activation by the end of the year.

Page also talked about the proverbial explosion on the Play Store. Over 50 billion apps have been downloaded from the Google Play Store, and the company reports that it paid out more to developers in the 6 months this year, than the whole of 2012.

The recently updated UI of the web version of the Google Play Store

The other talking point was the Chrome web browser. Launched just 4 years back, it already has clocked 750 million users worldwide.

Larry Page also talked about Google Maps and the updates it received, “This quarter we completely revamped our maps UI.  The map is the screen, with no clutter around the edges.  There’s more information about your surroundings, so it’s easier to explore.  And we’ve launched a new, improved navigation feature—with notifications about incidents before you leave, and updates to save time if traffic conditions change.  Best of all, this new maps experience is now available on almost  all devices you’d be likely to use.”

The company also mentioned the updates Google+ received, particularly the way it handled photographs, the launch of the Hangouts messaging app and that Knowledge Graph search is now now available in 29 languages. All in all, a fairly busy quarter for Google!

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