How to get the best deals on gadgets and games

Buying at full price is for those with deep pockets? Not quite, everyone likes a good deal whether it’s a brand new product or a refurbished one. We introduce you to the not so secretive world of deal aggregators.

How to get the best deals on gadgets and games

How to get the best deals on gadgets and games

Whether or not you have any inhibitions regarding online purchases, one thing’s for certain – online deals can never be matched by brick-and-mortar retailers. However, for a complete shopping experience you need to have elements of both worlds which would be, one, an abundance of information and reviews. Two, experiencing the look and feel of a product in your own hands. Which is why major brick-and-mortar shops are focusing on improving their digital presence and online retailers and venturing into the physical world. But that’s a discussion for another day, our focus here is on three main scenarios here – purchasing from within the country, outside the country and finally video games online. We’d like to warn you right now that most of these web sites send a bucket load of emails everyday so getting a separate email ID is advised. We’ve featured a few websites which you should go through, though, almost all websites swap content regularly with each other and feature the same deals. After a while it’s quite likely that skimming through deals will become part of your morning routine.

Buying from India

There are an umpteen number of online shops in India and going through each one of them is counter-productive. By the time you are done going through each and every site you risk missing out on a timed deal. Also, not everyone has the time or the resolve to plow through 20-30 websites just to save a few hundred bucks. So here are a sites you need to go through first, if you don’t find a good deal for whatever it is that you are looking for then proceed to the arduous task of scanning each and every site or you could play the waiting game. Buying online from new websites is always a sketchy business, specially when it’s a facilitator between multiple retailers, so do take care when dealing with them. Most web sites that aggregate deals follow a similar format, the only difference is that certain offers are specific to a particular website so you won’t find them on other aggregation websites. This is partly due to affiliate programs and partly due to the actual work undertaken by the site administrators. Free Kaa Maal has been around for about three years now and is pretty much one of the most prominent deal aggregators in India. The site also has a section for coupons but rarely do e-commerce sites allow for coupling of two or more offers so if you do end up getting in on a good deal then it is likely that a coupon can’t be clubbed with it.

Moreover, they also host a forum which covers quite a diverse spectrum of deal hunting. Members vote on certain deals and the feedback decides whether it attains a “featured deal“ status or not. You can even find freebie deals which could entail free home delivery of sample packs. We’ve heard of folks making multiple accounts to get a month’s worth of toiletries. You even get the scoop on international freebie deals, then you can get a bunch of people interested in the same product to get a discounted shipping deal. This is quite similar to a GO(Group Order).

If you doubt the veracity of any of the featured deals then there is even a review section to help settle your qualms. One last thing you can get done is have others help you find a deal on whatever product you wish to buy. While not every query goes answered you can easily expect a few responses. Khojguru is another site which hasn’t been a victim to an aggressive takeover that others which started around the same time have been.

The banality of landing plenty of deals is something that metropolitan cities enjoy and the rest of India doesn’t. For those staying in rural areas, even if you were to find a great deal online there is the possibility that they might not deliver to your location.

Buying from abroad

A very common occurrence is when one of your friends or relatives are coming from the United States, you’d ask them to get a little something for you. Given the free-trade agreements that it has with almost every major manufacturing nation it enjoys the best prices you can find. And to make the deal sweeter we’ve shortlisted a few websites for you.

The most common destinations for buying cheap electronics incidentally has a high volume of Indian tourism. They are Singapore, UK, UAE and the United States. If you’ve got Singapore in your crosshairs then check out and Mustafa Online. Both of these are the best places to look for online deals in Singapore, but the actual action takes place at Sim Lim square and Funan Mall. Unfortunately, Funan Mall doesn’t have any price lists which you could refer but stores on Sim Lim square do. We found one particular store which kept an updated list of prices for computer components in particular – BizGram.

For the UK there is Hot UK Deals which should be more than enough for your shopping needs. The United States has pretty much the best prices of them all, and Slick Deals should cover pretty much all of them. Getting $250-300 off on a medium to high configuration laptop is one of the most common deals you can get. International warranty is somewhat a concern here since the policies change from nation to nation, so if you were eligible for a 3 year warranty in the US that might not be the case by the time you get your product shipped to India. However, given the massive discounts one can hardly complain.

The UAE is also a great place to get electronics for cheap but there are hardly any online sites which one can refer to.

Video game deals

There are numerous online game distribution platforms but Steam still reigns supreme. However, the competition is doing its part to change this dynamic. While nothing on the horizon will be able to even remotely dent the market share that Steam enjoys in the foreseeable future, it hasn’t stopped folks from trying. Let’s look at the major players here, they have great deals on their own which is why keeping an eye out on these websites/platforms is something that you shouldn’t skip out on.


The Mac daddy of them all, Steam has this innate ability to empty bank balances over a period of one week, spread three to four times over the year. Gamers have been known to go on a diet and skip a few meals in order to squeeze in a few extra games into their game libraries. Steam is cross platform too, so it works on Windows, Linux and Mac.


The success of Origin is purely due to EA’s mighty arsenal of successful games. The fan following is so huge that it took next to no effort to have people jump on to the Origin bandwagon. Though from a deals perspective Origin did very little. It even went to the extent of raising prices in India which caused quite ahuge furore. But all that changed with the Humble Origin Bundle. There has never been a bundle in the history of gaming that could even match up to what EA pulled off with the Humble Bundle.


If you still reminisce about the great DOS games that you enjoyed as a youngster then GOG is a great platform to check out. What GOG does is that it ports all the classics onto the current OS and removes all traces of DRM. You get 10 free games just for signing up! GOG also features a bunch of new titles including The Witcher series and FTL: Faster Than Light.


A relatively new player, GreenMan-Gaming has its own DRM/client called Capsule. What we’ve seen is that its focus is shifting towards Steam DRM and it has a perpetual 20% off coupon system. What stands out about GMG is that nearly all Indian credit and debit cards work unlike on most other stores.


Desura is pretty much the equivalent of steam for Indie games, if it is Indie then it must be on Desura. It regularly has good deals on India games and you should definitely go through it.

The deal mantra

Now that you know the platforms for which you need to be looking out for, let’s outline a simple sequence which you can follow in order to get the best game deals on the planet. You could always visit each and every site that you come across daily to ensure that you are way ahead of the curve but who on earth has the time to do that? The folks who run these “deals websites,” that’s who! However, no one person is ever going to attain the status of “Supreme Guru of Deals”. Which is why crowd sourced aggregator web sites are the way to go. Our aim is to whittle down the entire process down to as few web sites as possible and the ones we’ve featured below should get you on the path to filling up your game library without spending much.


This is the one site that has it all, with a focus on Steam. The first thing you’ll notice is the tab, “magic” that uses their own algorithm to point out the best deals on the websites at that moment. However, we simply prefer sorting according to the discount percentage and then checking the history. They cover eight websites currently and hopefully we’ll see more. Usually games follow a certain pattern and once you view the history chart you’ll be able to guess whether a better deal will be out in the near future or not. It’s a great way to avoid buyer’s remorse. Let’s say a certain game is on deal at 50% off, checking the history might tell you that the game went to an all time low of 80%. So it makes sense to wait out a little while and hopefully bag another 80% off deal. The cherry on the cake is the RSS feed.

Amazon Game Downloads

Amazon comes up with some great deals every now and then, sometimes, even better than the ones on Steam. The only issue here is that they are limited to the United States only (sometimes Canada as included). What you can do is give the address of any of your relatives/friends and get that hurdle out of the way. You don’t need a VPN to subvert region based IP blocking. Amazon has deals for all platforms so you should always check the DRM tag to verify which platform the game is for before buying.

Indie Kings: Bundle Tracker

While the above sites focus on individual games this one deals with bundles. Lately, it has even started keeping track of bundles which have been announced but are yet to start. There is no focus on any particular platform here so you can find bundles for Steam, Origin, Desura and even ones without any DRM. We’ve noticed a slow transition towards tracking individual deals as well but not to the extent that the competition does.

Reddit Game Deals

Pretty much the one source which is pillaged by all aggregators is this particular sub-reddit. Given that each deal has its own little discussion, you might come across better deals in the comments. Or if any subversive (gaming the system) approach is needed to make good on a deal you’ll find the steps here. A word of caution – Steam and other platforms actively ban users who attempt to game the system. So if you’ve purchased a game which is region limited(specially RUS/ CIS limited games) and you do manage to activate it using a VPN then you can expect your account to be limited till you can convince Steam to revert
your account.

Going through all these websites is somewhat a nine-to-five job, so your best bet is to refer to the entire list of websites once a week or only when you wish to purchase something. Video games on the other hand have a completely different dynamic and the sales have little to do with regional holidays as such. And since it is digital import costs aren’t there in the picture so we tend to follow video game deals on somewhat a daily basis. Maybe you should do the same.


Online Shopping: Tips to make your shopping experience better

Online shopping can be one of the most convenient ways of getting your materialistic fixations, but sometimes, things go wrong and HOW! Here’s a quick guide to avoiding such fiasco.

Online Shopping: Tips to make your shopping experience better

Online Shopping: Tips to make your shopping experience better

The online shopping space has been a booming concept, but it’s only recently been catching on in India, with sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal at the helm of this new movement. However, just as with all things that become big, they often tend to become too big for their shoes. Lately, the amount of horror stories we’ve heard from our readers regarding their experiences with many online portals has been alarming, to say the least. The problem seems to be a growing one. Untimely deliveries, cancelled orders, missed deals. The online retail business is definitely going through a paradigm shift and with so many players now coming into the market, one must wonder why the competition hasn’t led to an increase in quality of service? Maybe somewhere we’ve become a little too resigned to the whole “this is just how things are” mentality. For those of you who aren’t so passive, here’s how you can maximize the joy of online shopping.We reached out to not just our readers, but also some online retailers to truly understand where the potential problems could lie and how you, as a buyer, could work around them.


Before Buying

Pick the right marketplace

As of now there are a number of websites that have established themselves as key players in the business. Sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal and HomeShop18 have established themselves as reputed marketplaces, amongst others, and we strongly recommend in dealing with only known brands. The reason for such an endorsement is the fact that their brand has been built on excellent customer service, even though they there might be a few hiccups from time to time. However, their rate of messing up will definitely be much lower than that of a “new-kid-on-theblock” site.

A good marketplace is one that allows for free expression of opinions regarding shopping experiences. If a marketplace only has positive feedback, then there is something funny going on there. Websites like Amazon India and eBay have built their reputations on completely uncensored feedback, which is what has helped many buyers from all over the world make decisive purchase decisions.

Remember it’s a marketplace, not a retailer:

There was a time when some of the online sites were the sellers of the item in question, but that is no more the case, for the most part. Most e-commerce sites have now switched to a marketplace model, meaning they no longer stock the products you see on their site. They have instead brought on board various other sellers. This model was originally seen on eBay and is now adopted by pretty much every popular e-commerce site. One of the biggest advantages of such a system is that it opens up the possibility of selecting whatever you’d want to buy from the largest selection possible. eBay currently has close to 30,000 resellers on-board, which means that if you’re looking for an HDMI cable, chances are that you’d find every kind of cable in existence through one seller or another. Now try hunting for that in your local market. Once you’ve taken care of the above two pointers, don’t think it ends there. There are a few more important things one must keep in mind.

Once You’re Ready to Buy
Research your deals

The whole point of buying online is that we can find better deals faster and more conveniently. Back in the day of analogue, people would scour markets, looking up prices on the one thing they wanted to buy. We suggest going through the popular e-commerce sites to find a good deal on the products you’re trying to purchase. You’re chilling on your chair anyway, so how much effort could it be to open a few extra browser tabs? Not a lot. However one strong word of caution. If you find the stuff you’re looking for on a relatively new/obscure e-commerce site, we strongly recommend staying away from that deal. In the online transaction world, the simple rule is “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Pick the right seller: Each of the e-commerce sites will have a particular seller that offers the best service. This is where your free time and internet skills come in. You ideally want to buy from a seller who’d take good care of you in the event your order goes wrong. Look at the negative ratings, and it will give you a good idea of where the seller falters. We don’t mean to sound like we’re endorsing the brand, but if you want a hassle free online shopping experience, products from that carry the “fulfilled by Amazon” tag are probably the most reliable. These products are guaranteed by Amazon to be available and will be delivered to you by the requisite date, no matter what, free of charge (on orders less than Rs. 500). These products are also tested at Amazon’s fullfilment centres for quality. We reached out to various online retailers and the spokesperson from Amazon and eBay India informed us that one of the best ways to ensure that your purchase isn’t going to end up being a headache is by ensuring that you’re only buying from sellers that have a very high positive rating.

Mode of payment

While CoD ensures that none of your cash goes into a transaction that could eventually go sour, paying by Credit Card or Debit Card is also a safe bet. If an online retailer can’t process your order, the money is simply returned to your account, though in the case of a credit card transaction, it may take a few days, depending on your bank. Your money is safe in the event the order doesn’t go through, as long as you are ordering from a reputed online marketplace. eBay India has implemented PaisaPay, a payment method which holds the money until the order reaches the customer. In fact, if the package isn’t shipped within five days of placing the order, the money is automatically refunded.

After You’ve Bought:

Track, Track, TRACK!

As we learnt from our recent experience, the first signs of a cancelled order lie in the order status remaining as “processing” for any duration longer than 2 business days. eBay gives its sellers five days to update the order information, but If your order has been “processing” for longer than that, call up the customer care helpline and get one of them to verify the status of your order. If they are going to come through with your shipment, they will tell you so and if not, they will probably say something like “we’re still trying to procure your order,” or something similar. IF your order status hasn’t moved after 2 days of this call, you’re better off cancelling the order, but the final call is still yours. Don’t just shell out your cash willy-nilly. Understand how transactions work on the site you’re purchasing from.

Cancellations and refunds

In the event that you do decide to cancel your order, the money will be refunded to you depending on how you paid for the item. However, things get a little tricky if you have ordered stuff using your credit card on EMI. Now when you do use the EMI option, the entire amount gets blocked on your card, with the monthly payments being made to the vendor as per the due dates. In the event of the cancellation, most online marketplaces will not issue a full refund! They will refund your money in the same EMI format. So for example, if you bought Rs. 60,000 worth of goods from a seller using the 6 month EMI option, followed by cancelling this order; the Rs. 60,000 will not be refunded to you. You will get Rs.10,000 back every month for the next 6 months. It’s an utterly stupid policy and in the event that you do cancel an EMI order, insist on having the entire amount refunded immediately. Don’t accept things lying down. You might have to make some noise, but we are yet to hear of a case that was turned down.

Bad things happen

Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are, you just may end up having a bad experience. It could be a failed delivery, broken product, a seller not honouring the warranty or a Dead on Arrival request etc. Don’t let that stop you from shopping online. Think of it this way; just because you got food poisoning from eating at a restaurant, you don’t stop eating out altogether. Hell, some people don’t even stop eating at that particular restaurant. We strongly recommend you make sure the matter doesn’t die down though. Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon strongly believe in customer feedback and both the sites make sure than if a seller has become a repeat offender, that seller will be barred from selling on their website. Don’t let one bad egg ruin the entire basket for you.

We spoke to representatives from both eBay and Amazon, namely, Deepa Thomas – eCommerce evangelist for eBay, and Meenu Handa – Head of PR at Amazon India, and this is what they had to say.

Q) Are there any specific signs we can recommend from our end that users should definitely look out for in their online dealings with retailers?

eBay: Online shopping is completely secure as long as customers shop on a secure, reputed, shopping website. eBay has a robust feedback mechanism that enables buyers to rate sellers based on their experience with the seller. The feedback scores and the verbatim feedbacks are visible to all users. This helps buyers to take an informed decision about their purchase. Amazon: “We are relentless in providing our customers a secure and reliable delivery experience. Towards that we encourage Customer Reviews on the product detail page and Seller Feedback Rating on the seller page. We believe these help customers make an informed buying decision. Customer Reviews provides unbiased feedback on the product from real shoppers while the Seller Feedback Rating provides feedback on seller performance. You will find that we keep both negative and positive reviews visible on the site. This has always been a tenet at the company ever since its inception.”

Q) What sort of challenges does e-commerce face in procuring orders and ensuring their delivery? Do you play any role other than that of a “portal for sellers and buyers to connect?”

eBay: eBay is a pure marketplace and hence, is a platform to enable trade between sellers and buyers. We don’t hold inventory and therefore the onus of shipping lies with the seller. There are more than 30,000 sellers on eBay India, spread across the country. The delivery time of the merchandise is majorly dependent on the geographical location of the buyer and the seller. Hence, deliveries within the same city / state would be faster than that compared to far away locations. So, the estimate time for a product to reach the buyer largely depends on the proximity factor.

To make the delivery system efficient and manageable for our sellers, we launched PowerShip, which is a logistics management service for eBay merchants which significantly enhances the efficiency of managing multiple item shipments and delivery of items to eBay India buyers. We’ve engaged with reputed logistic service providers like Bluedart, DTDC, Fedex & Aramax for this initiative. The service includes product pick-ups from eBay Merchants’ doorstep, automated tracking of shipments, and faster item deliveries by Logistic Service in India.
Amazon: While it is difficult to generalize, but our delivery estimate is based on multiple factors such as shipping address location, courier coverage and speed of delivery to a particular region and seller location (in case of seller fulfilled orders). Order delays can be due to various reasons including external factors such as local holidays, customer availability at the given address, natural calamities, or social and political unrest or even weather.

Q) How do you deal with a transaction that goes bad?

eBay: At eBay India, it’s our aim to provide consumers a pleasant, safe and transparent transaction. We have a secured payment mechanism called PaisaPay, which holds the money of the buyer till the transaction is fulfilled in accordance to the set policies. On making a sale, the seller is required to ship the product to the buyer within 5 days of the transaction and update the tracking number on eBay. If any seller fails to do so, the money is automatically refunded to the buyer. Moreover, the payment is released to a seller only once the product gets delivered to the buyer. This is India specific innovation by eBay, keeping customer convenience in mind.

Amazon: If a customer contacts Amazon customer service because of a delay in delivery of an order which was Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), we escalate it to our courier partners to rectify the problem and have the product delivered at the earliest. If the problem isn’t resolved or there are long delays in a particular region due to uncontrollable factors which could be weather, natural calamities, or social & political disruptions we offer a refund to our customer. If the order is dispatched directly by the seller (only those using Selling on Amazon) we encourage our customers to contact the seller and allow them a chance to resolve the issue. However, all customer purchases for seller fulfilled orders are protected by Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee, which ensures that the customer can get their money back in case the seller is unable to resolve their issue.


Flipkart eBook App Now Pushed to iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 8 Devices

Popular Online retailing site Flipkart has recently made their eBook app available over multiple platform based devices. The app Flyte for Android was however there since November 2012 but unfortunately it went astray along with the Flipkart music store. Now the recent eBook app can be found running oniPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 8 devices eventually.

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Flipkart eBook App Now Pushed to iOS and Windows Phone 8 Device

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It seems Flipkart is getting a sting of insecurity with the growing popularity of Amazon. However, coming back to the eBooks app which provides a similar features that are found in the Android versionof app.

To go in details, there are options to preview books before making a purchase. One can also look up to the offline support and can also be personalized according to ones desired reading experience.

Not only that but Flipkart has also released a web app called Web Reader which enables the deviceusers to read eBooks in their Flipkart library.

Here below are other features that comes along with the app:

The app as said earlier will offer a preview of up to 10% of a book for free before making his purchase. One the book is purchased, users can add the book to the library which allows one to read it offline as well.

Moreover, the users can also sync the reading location, bookmarks and annotations across devices. Users can easily take notes, highlight text, search and add multiple bookmarks as well.

Through the app, the user can also search for keywords and sentences in a book. More like a eBookreader devices, it can allow users to adjust brightness of the display, change fonts and enable night mode too.

Follow the links to download the app for the respective platforms; iPhone and iPadWindows Phone 8,Android.


7 Best Free Website Builder for your Business

From the first day of start, every business need online presence and want there customers to be happy. The mouth publicity is considered to be the best publicity and to get it you need to provide excellent services,  before and after sale. Making a website and running it to engage customers is one of the best things which could be done now a days.

To build a website you need web developing services, who will make your website according to your needs. But with many web applications this money can be saved. You just need to spend a little time and with few clicks you could build a site of your own. These free website maker for any business can make it possible to showcase your product, tell about your organisation or may be write news articles to keep them updated. Here are are few excellent websites which offer such services free of cost.

7 Best Services that build your Website for free

1. : To make a website with you will need to register yourself here and get started with confirming your email, which will reach your mail instantly. After confirming the mail, you will need to set admin password and normal password. I like their use of captcha, its easy and secured at the same time. Now you will be presented with two or three forms like choosing a name for your site, then design and finally what all modules you require.. i choose all the options like page editor, site news, forum, publisher, blog, guestbook, photo albums, email forms, web polls, and last but not the least E-shop. Yes you can build an e-shop to sell your goods as well.

You can add blocks, write blog post from front end, change the look and feel, and much more.. a complete solution for building website absolutely free. Above i have choose the most popular business template for my demo site.

2. : It took me only 5 mins to create a free site at It was smooth easy and fun.. Their image insertion is awesome, with flickr search for common creatives they have stood out with their competition.

Features like photo gallery, e-commerce shop, articles, blog, contact page and much more with just spending so little time..  The customization is easy and far better than other free builders out there.

3. – You can make a website, even add Google Adsense with 50% ad share given to weebly and build it for absolutely free. They allow you to add many effects like in text like shadow, glow etc with image customization and also downloading an archive for the your website.

4. JIMDO – Jimdo starts you off with a relatively blank canvas. You choose from a selection of templates, then get a simple front page with options for adding a title image, navigation and general content. Pages are built as you go, and the interface changes depending on what you’re adding. Click an empty area to pop up a menu of options you can choose to include.

On the one hand, being tied to a template makes the software incredibly easy to use, because you aren’t faced with confusing tools and elements. On the other hand, it’s a rather inflexible way of working and you may find that the program simply can’t do what you want it to. For example, to move the navigation menu, you have to change the entire template. Still, the designs are logical and the rigid structure means it’s difficult to make mistakes.

The free version comes with just 500MB of space and you can only use an address with a suffix. You’re also forced to have a Jimdo advert placed on your site. But you get an unlimited number of pages, unlimited bandwidth and you can even set up a simple shop using PayPal, though it’s limited to five products.

If you upgrade to the Pro service for $96 per year (which is $8 per month), you lose the Jimdo advert. You also get a domain name, 5GB of space and more template designs to choose from. There’s a Business package for $290 per year, which provides two domains and unlimited storage space.The software is very similar to 1&1’s MyWebsite, with the same icons on the right, but some different options. The main reason we’ve ranked Jimdo above 1&1’s service is that you can use it to create a perfectly serviceable site for free.

5.  Moonfruit : The service hasn’t changed much since then. What felt fresh and cutting-edge has now been superseded by the likes of Jimdo, 1&1 and Squarespace. Moonfruit still has very attractive templates and the site now offers a free option, which it lacked previously.

The site-design tool feels like PC-based web-design software that has been transported to the internet. This makes it fiddly in places but offers a lot of flexibility if you’re willing to spend time learning how to use it. The free service is limited to 15 pages and 20MB of storage. You’ll need to upgrade and pay £4 per month to get 500MB of storage and unlimited pages, though other options are available for £8, £15 and £25 per month.

6. WebEden : Moonfruit’s software is available for other companies to license, which is what WebEden has done. Your starting site and method of choosing a template are different and less dynamic, but otherwise the services are identical.

You get the same interface, which is powerful and flexible, but it’s harder to learn and use than the newer and updated services, which have left Moonfruit and its licencees looking a bit old-fashioned. Pricing is also the same as Moonfruit. You can build a free website with 20MB of space but it can only have 15 pages. Upgrading to £4 per month gives you unlimited pages and 500MB of storage, but doesn’t include a domain name. More packages are available with increasing amounts of storage and options, for £8, £15 and £25 per month.

7. Doomby : Doomby isn’t as dynamic as Jimdo or Squarespace. Instead of editing directly onto the page for an immediate ‘what you see is what you get’ effect, you use a content- management interface. This consists of some behind-the-scenes web pages where you type your text and load your pictures.

When you save your work, the content uploads and you can then see the results. You can run a Doomby site for free, but the top of the screen will be taken up by an intrusive advert. The free option comes with 250MB of web space and unlimited pages. Upgrading to the Plus version costs $58 per year. This removes the ad and gives you 2.5GB of storage space.