While you’re thinking about buying a domain name for your next company… have you thought about buying the domain name for your name (eg. FirstLastName.com)? Over 100,000+ domains are registered every day, if your name is John Smith you’re going to be out of luck, but chances are you still share a name with one of the 7 billion plus people on this planet. Buying the domain name for your name is very important, here are a few reasons why:

  • Branding – Your domain name is your brand. That’s why companies spend millions acquiring their domains, eg. thefacebook.com bought facebook.com and getdropbox.com eventually bought dropbox.com. domain names are becomingbrand name.
  • SEO – If you’re an entrepreneur, some of your businesses will come and go. But youwill still be there. When I started SorianoMedia.com, I immediately got a homepage link from PR2, PA39/DA27 Domain, which just so happens to be from JaySoriano.com. If you’re not an entrepreneur, at the very least, owning your domain name helps you rank for “Your Name” in search engines.
  • Presence – If you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, lawyer, etc., people are going to search for you. If you’re applying for jobs, employers are going to search for you. Plus, by editing “Title Tags” and “Meta Descriptions” you can have Google show anything you want! For example, here’s what you’ll see #1 when you search for “Jay Soriano”:

Jay Soriano

Now, I’m not really that conceited, I did it more as a joke… I always tell less tech-savvy people that Google automatically generated that description of me and I had nothing to do with it :-) .


Truth Moment: My full name is Jonathan Soriano. Although you’d never know about it unless you see my drivers license or talk to my family. I never liked my first name and much prefer to be called “Jay.” Therefore that’s what you’ll see as far as my domain name (JaySoriano.com), social media accounts, etc.

Originally, I set out to register both JaySoriano.com and JonathanSoriano.com and 301 redirect the ladder to JaySoriano.com. However, much to my surprise, JonathanSoriano.com was owned by a Spanish Soccer player. It wasn’t until writing this blog post that I found out that it was dropped, and is now available. I registered it immediately and it now 301 redirects to JaySoriano.com.

Lesson: Use the NameStall Whois Lookup tool and enter yourname.com. If your name is available, register it immediately. If not, look for “Registrar Expiration Date.” People who are serious about keeping their domain names tend to register it for a long time, for example, JaySoriano.com is registered until 2018. Has it expired or does it expire within the next few months? If so, now enter yourname.com into your browser address bar. Is their an active website, or is it just a domain registrar page? If the ladder, their is a decent chance that your domain name will be dropped, giving you the opportunity to be the new owner!

From here, just use a domain backordering service ($21 with GoDaddy) and it will be purchased as soon as the domain is “deleted.” I recommend using that service because it places you first in line for the domain, however, in the rare event that someone else placed a backorder as well – it will go to auction. (This is how it works with GoDaddy’s backorder service anyway, not sure about other registrars. If you know, let us know in the comments section!)

If your domain isn’t expiring anytime soon, go back to Whois Lookup and scroll down for the contact information of the domain owner. S/he could be willing to sell it for a reasonable price. If it’s owned by a domain squatter – you’re probably looking at $500+… even more depending on who you are and what you do.


If it isn’t expiring anytime soon, and the owner has no intentions to sell at a price you’re comfortable with. Consider adding your middle initial or using a nickname. You can also register a domain name hack, for example, if your name was “Jack Rabbit,” you could use Italy’s domain name extension (.it) and buy JackRabb.it instead of JackRabbit.com. With a little SEO work, people will be able to find you (although using Jack Rabbit is obviously a bad example though, because queries for that will return results for a type of rabbit).

Now that we’ve went over the importance of owning your domain name for your name, and the process of acquiring it if it isn’t available. It’s time to realize that you should not only own your domain name for your name, but also for your (future) kids and wife (if she takes your last name). So if you haven’t already – go register your domains!

What do you guys think? Anyone have interesting stories of acquiring their domain name? Let us know in the comments below!

Facebook removes ‘Search by Name’ opt out setting

Facebook users can no longer remain invisible in search results.

Facebook removes 'Search by Name' opt out setting

Facebook removes ‘Search by Name’ opt out setting

Facebook has further relaxed its privacy policies and users can no longer opt out of appearing in search results.

Facebook, so far, was letting users opt out of being searched by name but now it has removed that option. The company said that only a small percentage of Facebook members were using it. Now any member on Facebook can search for anyone without any restrictions.

The feature was intended to prevent users from showing up in searches conducted by non-friends. However, Facebook states that it lead to a lot of confusion while using Graph search which lets you search for friends, check everyone’s status updates and shows profile pictures to everybody in a group.

Facebook has stated, “The setting was created when Facebook was a simple directory of profiles and it was very limited. For example, it didn’t prevent people from navigating to your Timeline by clicking your name in a story in News Feed, or from a mutual friend’s Timeline. Today, people can also search Facebook using Graph Search (for example, “People who live in Seattle,”) making it even more important to control the privacy of the things you share rather than how people get to your Timeline.”

Facebook said that this search setting won’t disappear for those still using it until those users get a notification and click a button reading, “Okay, I understand.” Those notifications will be going out in coming weeks, the company said.

The social networking site adds that users can still maintain their privacy through the privacy settings page, “to quickly control who can find posts you shared in the past, visit the privacy settings page. With one click, you can limit the audience of posts you’ve shared in the past.”

Source: Slate

Google celebrated 15th birthday, updated search engine

Google introduces Hummingbird update for its search engine on its 15th Birthday.

Google celebrates 15th birthday, updates search engine

Google celebrates 15th birthday, updates search engine

Google has added an interactive piñata doodle that releases virtual sweets when wacked for its 15th Birthday. Along with the Doodle, Google has also introduced a major update to its core search engine, the update has been branded Hummingbird.

According to Google, this change to the core algorithm is its biggest since the launch of Caffeine in 2010. To celebrate its birthday, the company invited a small number of reporters to the Menlo Park garage where the company started out and revealed out some new search features of the Hummingbird update.

According to the company, in the new update, Google’s Knowledge Graph will play a larger role. That means users will be able to do more personalized searches using more natural sounding sentences instead of key words.

Amit Singhal, senior vice president of search, stated that the latest “Hummingbird” algorithm was introduced about a month ago and affects about 90 percent of worldwide searches via Google. He added, that the change includes “a simpler, more unified design on mobile devices. You can explore the world with the Knowledge Graph, ask questions aloud with voice search, and get info before you even need to ask with Google Now.”

“You’ll also notice a new look and feel for Google Search and ads on your phones and tablets. It’s cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for,” he stated.

For fun, Google has added a simple Easter egg on Google.com where users can type “Google in 1998” into the search field and the website will transform into the retro design it had 15 years ago when it first launched. Users can click on the “take me back to 2013” to get the modern-day Google.

Google has recently introduced a flatter new logo. The revamped logo has a flatter look with cleaner line and comes with a new navigation bar. Google has also added a new ‘app launcher bar’ that allows users to quickly access Google services like Gmail and Google+.

Source: ZDNETHindu Business Line


12 Immortal Ways for Newbies to Get Google Traffic

Gain Google traffic

Gain Google traffic

Substantially all the new bloggers face difficulty in getting traffic, even if they have some awesome content. They always have one question that “how to gain more Google traffic”? When I say traffic from Google, that means traffic from search engine. These type of traffic is best for your revenue, as most of search engine traffic is targeted traffic. We have already seem some of the ways to drive targeted traffic without Google, and today we will be talking about traffic from Google search engine.

Today in this article I am going to tell you classic yet effective ways to get Google Traffic. There is no rocket science in blogging which can rank you high in Google or any search-engine. Even if you are writing awesome content but still not getting good traffic then there is something you should check at your end. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to get a decent start to your blogging journey.

How to get Blog traffic from Google search engine:

Here I’m skipping some of the basic points like submitting sitemap, and making your blog more crawlable. If you interested to read about these basic steps , check out getting organic traffic to your blog.

Choosing the Right Niche

This is the first and most important part . Ask yourself whether you have enough knowledge to carry on with current niche of your blog or the blog you going to start. For example, if a newbie starts on Blogging niche and published article like “How to get success in blogging” then I don’t think that you going to read it as you know that the blogger is himself not successful but giving tips for success for your blog.

Read: Why new blogger should not blog on “blogging and SEO” niche.

I hope you get my point that you should go with the niche which suits your skills and knowledge, in which you have knowledge to the perspicacity of the matter and can write for a long time.  Be it gaming, gadgets, mobiles, health etc. Remember that you need to be good at your niche for producing awesome content.

Write for Search Engines too

Right now, you don’t have any loyal reader, so focus on Search Engine traffic. Write for search engine . Do keyword research for your article title as well as keyword stuffing. Remember don’t add unnecessary keywords which is not required in your article, it’s considered as bad practice  by search-engine giant Google.

Focus less on your traffic stats and More on Content

Most of the new bloggers  have the tendency to see their traffic stats after every few hours each day. As it takes a little time for your content to rank or get indexed by Google, you might not see a rapid change in your traffic. In the end you get upset/annoyed as you not getting traffic even after working so hard on your article. I would suggest you to write 5-7 articles in a week, then turn to your traffic stats for seeing the development. It will not only keep you away from fatigue away from your hunger of writing  but also your morale will be high throughout the week while writing all your post.

Be Genuine, Write awesome Content

Write original articles of your niche which you get proudly say as your own creation. Don’t copy post from other’s site at any cost. Google hates plagiarism and your blog’s posts ranking in the respected search-engine will be effected unfavorably. Not even re-worded/re-writing will do  any good. Try researching for topics on your niche which is not easy to find but have decent search engine searches and accordingly use titles for your post based on keyword research which we going to discuss in next point.

Write your own articles as much as possible, specially for Blogging Niche. If you belong to Tech Niche, then focus on building good how-to tuts for first few months. Try sticking to one possible category in Tech, like mobiles, specially Android or Apple iOS  or  How-TOs of General Tech . Writing awesome content will not only improve your search engine rankings, but also it will help in getting quality back-links when people will give reference to your post for something that they are proving or helping someone with in forums/communities etc.

Use Google Adword Keyword Tool

I know that you might argue that why don’t you should go with many KEYWORD tools available for cheap in the market but Google Adword is enough for a decent start. I started with it and got good results as I concentrated on keywords for my title and post.

Now, you will probably ask, how to do that ?

Let me show you , below is the pic showing the keyword tool from Google Adword.

Google Adword Keyword tool

For example, I am writing a post keeping in mind with the title “using windows 7″,  but I search for “how to use windows”. And I got related suggestions  with much more monthly searches both locally and Globally.

The number of the search globally is what you should focus on. More the searches, better the results you will get. Simply you try searching the search term while keeping in mind your next article’s topic.  Search as a “reader” that what will help you in getting better keywords for your article as well as article’s title.

Note: Google Adword keyword tool will be replaced by Keyword planner in coming months. So don’t get confused and use Keyword planner instead.

Use Yoast SEO Plugin! (WordPress only)

With WordPress SEO plugins like All In One SEO tool , EasyWpSEO etc, trending specially through various giveaways. But I would suggest you to try Yoast SEO plugin which is free and quite effective, will fulfill your SEO needs. Make sure that you fill meta description, Meta title section below your post of Yoast SEO. It gives complete analysis of your mistake SEO wise . Just have to scroll down the finished article and click on the PAGE ANALYSIS tab under Yoast SEO after writing your post.

Yoast seo

Don’t forget to fill alt info of the images you going to use in your article as you can get traffic via Image search based on the alt text too. As I mentioned above, this plugin is for WordPress only. For other platform, use Scribe SEO plugin. For Blogger, there is an inbuilt tool for SEO and according to me is enough to stick on with.

Promote more in Google+

Google gives a lot weight-age on their own social network Google+ activity of your article, so get more G+ by sharing post in different groups. I have come across many people forming a small group of 15-30 for mutually getting G+ benefit.

  • One more tip : You can get you ample amount of +1 is by installing Google+ comment system on your blog, every time someone comments on your post anywhere on Google+ network, you will see an increase in G+ counts of that particular post.

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Don’t annoy your readers

Yes, this might sound harsh but don’t install any type of  News-letter subscriptions or Facebook Page Like pop-up. It seriously annoys genuine readers. Instead place a Facebook Like box in the sidebar and for feed-burner/news-letter subscription option  below the post.

Never use Traffic Exchange programs

Never ever use traffic bots, as they will decrease your Alexa rank or good traffic but in the eyes of Google you doing a big unforgivable crime and your posts rankings might go down eventually. Plus you won’t be eligible for their advertising program known as Google Adsense.

Promote More than you Publish !

Promote on different networks and if you publish at a rate of 2-3 articles per week, then promote more than you publish as it will help getting genuine readers and automatically your Alexa ranking will get better. It will help Tech Niche the most for better Alexa ranking.

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Maintain Posting frequency :

Fix a number of articles that you will write every week. Write 2-3 post on weekend to decrease work load and then publish later throughout the week. In recent Google Algorithm updates, blogs with a routine posting habit didn’t get hit much as other’s with irregular posting habitude. It will not only help in increasing your DOMAIN AUTHORITY and PAGE authority but  also  in getting your post indexed by Google faster the next time you an article.

This point is inspired by one of the article of ShoutMeLoud, and it’s really effective.

Let your Blog grow, then think of Earning

First gain visitors, reduce bounce rate by inter-linking  your articles and after you have successfully made some returning visitors with decent traffic daily, try advertisement programs like Adsense, Yahoo Ads or try writing paid reviews which you can get only with some virtuous Google PagerankAlexa ranking, Domain Authority etc.

This is what I have done to achieve good results and experienced a boost in traffic.

Remember that  ”Content is still the king”, but a proper optimized content will ensure that you get enough traffic from Google search and other organic search engines. So write good content with the pinch of above tips and succeed !