Is there a best time to exercise?

Not really, say experts. For most people the best time to do exercise is the best convenient time. If you are doing exercise at a particular time daily then you are more likely to see results.


It is often found that those who do exercise in the morning are more disciplined and are unlikely to skip exercise at any cost unlike those who do exercise in the late evening.

Though there are researches on exercise they are still limited. So it is difficult to fix the right time to exercise. “Some people can wake up early in the morning and can easily do exercise without fail. But others are lazy to get up early. So for them it is always better to do it according to their convenience,” says Bindu S, a fitness expert.

But some research shows that you have more endurance in the late afternoon as the body temperature is at its highest and so strength and endurance are greater. “Not many can afford to workout when they feel like due to various family and work commitments. So even if you are doing your workouts at a time you despair, don’t feel sorry for your body can easily adapt to any circumstance,” says George Joseph, a personal trainer. George says more than the physical aspect missing the exercise routine can have psychological impacts. “The guilt feeling that you could not do the exercise can bring forth many negative emotions. This would affect your productivity the whole day.

So, the good news is, whether it is morning or late evening what matters is you do the exercise regularly.

So, happy exercising folks!